S.O.S Clean n Toss Steel Wool Soap Pads, 15 Count (Pack of 6)


15 count package of small sized steel wool soap pads.
S.O.S Clean n Toss Steel Wool Soap Pads have all the scrubbing power of our Regular S.O.S pads, but in a convenient single-use size. These pads have the powerful combination of steel wool and biodegradable soap and detergents to cut through the greasiest pots and pans to baked-on oven racks and barbeque grills. You can also use them to remove rust, hard water stains and soap scum. The handy size makes it perfect to clean those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. To clean with this soap pad, simply wet it with water before use. When finished, rinse the area with clean water and discard the used soap pad. Ideal for use in restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, break rooms and other commercial facilities. Cleaning is quick and easy with S.O.S.

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