SAFE HANDLER Duarte Premium Over Glasses | ANSI Z87.1, Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Lens, UV400, Anti-Fog & Anti-Scratch (1 Pair)


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The SAFE HANDLER Duarte Premium Over Glasses provides protection from splashes, debris, dust, wood chips, and more! Provides full protection to wear over your regular prescription glasses. These scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses which meet ANSI Z87.1 standards, confirming you and your employees are protected in most situations.

Industrial safety, construction, carpentry, renovation, maintenance – no matter the job, your premium over glasses are suitable for numerous tasks and projects to ensure you are fully protected with ultimate comfort and a perfect fit.

Are all safety glasses the same? Think again.

Safety will always be top priority especially for employees in high-risk industries and those exposed to occupational hazards. In choosing the right safety glasses, most of us associate durability with safety. Is that really all to it?

Safety is also about compatibility, functionality, and fit. And when it comes to safety glasses, these should be the included in the non-negotiables of finding a pair suited just right for your needs. needs.

Safe Handler Safety Glasses are not just built to protect you; it’s also made to stick around.

Exceeding ANSI Z87.1 standards, these safety glasses provide well-rounded protection against high-velocity impact, splashes, dust, infrared light, welding, and fog among many others. Safe Handler recognizes the importance of material and fit to bring you one step further to safety compliance.

What’s more to durability? Here are a few features that set Safe Handlers Safety Glasses apart:

Built with sturdy yet lightweight polycarbonate material, Safe Handler’s safety goggles are made to last. Each pair goes a long way.
A universal fit that does not only give a full-brow and eye protection but also prevents slippage.
Its well-rounded protection is also suitable for other activities outside the industry.

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