Saturday, September 26, 2020

Good morning dear friends, although as usual no one will read this, I continue to write my diary. Finally we are at Saturday morning, I wake up at dawn the phone call of a customer who complains that I have not yet opened the store. After explaining to the lemur that the sun had not yet risen, I inform him that the opening is scheduled for two hours later. His voice a bit annoyed accompanies me out of the blankets.

The temperatures have dropped, you can immediately notice, especially if you live in the hills like me. After getting ready, I get into my car and go to the store. I remove the usual paper towels outside the door, realign the outdoor mat, go inside and notice that the little fridge is open, luckily I only keep water in it, because I like to drink it cold. Like liquid nitrogen to understand us, even in winter.

The day goes by normally, I stop to exchange a few words with some passerby who pretends to be interested just to have a chat but does not conclude anything, I fight with some interested but stingy customers, those who came in just to get the gloves I put on for the customers,

They make me laugh my head off when they come in, look around and slam their palms on their hips. I get closer and ask if I can help them, they nod and ask where the alcohol gel is. I point my finger about forty centimeters from their nose, they use the gel and leave without even saying goodbye.

In the afternoon I dive into the bureaucracy, I have settled I think a thousand cards and the day goes by like this. I’m tired at the end of the day and my desire to do is limited by this damn back pain that makes me feel like I’m dragging one of those lead balls that tied to the ankles of those condemned to forced labor.

Maybe it would be healthier to spend a few days at home to rest my back, maybe it would be healthier to take a little vacation but I can’t do it. There are no paid vacations for self-employed traders, there is no paid sickness for self-employed traders. If you have a small store like mine or you work or eat. And sometimes you don’t even eat when you work unlike other jobs where you are paid on time.

But it doesn’t matter, you do what you can and in the end I am fine as I am. I like to come home and find dinner ready, maybe with some cold drinks, the little dog that gives me parties and doesn’t stop until I dedicate at least ten minutes of pampering and then your home is still your home.

Every now and then in the evening I play a couple of games at a computer game old enough to relax, in the background I like to listen to the turns of an acquaintance of mine who is very fond of sport and very supporter of a very important soccer team.

It’s just that I never liked soccer so I can’t understand how you can get so hot just to defend a soccer team. I don’t see any added value in this kind of attitude. In the end it is just a game and for better or worse all teams are the same. But I am me. It is you who continued the sentence, I did not mean what you thought.

Quickly comes bedtime, I turn on the electric blanket to warm the bed a little before going to sleep. I hear a couple of thunder in the distance, the light has gone out again. My dog, who is usually not afraid of anything, huddles frightened underneath me, my cat, who is usually afraid of everything, continues to sleep peacefully.

Luckily I’m writing with my laptop so I won’t be excommunicated, not yet at least. It is getting very heavy to move me with this back pain and after all this time it should have passed me by. We will see better days I hope.

Good night to all dear friends, see you tomorrow if God willing.

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