Serene Innovations TV-SB Wireless TV Listening Speaker w/Free Extra Power Adapter & EZ Living Aids Drink Coaster


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Watching TV should be a total immersion experience. However, it’s difficult to completely immerse yourself when you can’t hear what’s going on! At Serene Innovations, we have a solution for you. Our TV Soundbox is designed to deliver crystal clear sound directly to your ears, using adjustable voice and sound enhancement. You’ll be able to hear each word spoken on your favorite show with full intelligibility — no muffled sound here! This portable device can go with you practically anywhere because it is made with travel and transportation in mind. Use the easy-grip handle to carry it with you throughout the house, and will work up to 100’ away from your TV. The battery is rechargeable, freeing you from the hassle of tangled cords or disposable batteries. With the TV Soundbox, you can enjoy continuous TV watching for up to 10 hours. To use the TV Soundbox, simply connect the base receiver to the TV using the appropriate cable, or directly to your Bluetooth-equipped Smart TV. Then set the TV Soundbox’s speaker next to you. Voila! It’s that easy! Perfect for those who are hard-of-hearing, or just don’t want to disturb family or friends, this portable speaker set is a great addition to any home. Each speaker set includes 1 wireless receiver, 1 transmitter base, 1 RCA audio cord, 1 RCA splitter, 1 digital optical audio cord, 2 AC adapters, and 1 user manual. You’ll also get a free EZ Living Aids drink coaster.

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