SolidRF Cell Phone Booster for Home Dual Interior Antennas Office Multiroom Up to 8, 000 sq ft | Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint & More Signal Plus Cell Signal Booster Kit


Dual-Interior Antenna Serves As A Complete, In Building Connectivity Solution. Provides Two Zones Of Coverage In Any Size Home Or Office.Allowing everyone to enjoy fewer dropped calls, better voice quality, and faster data speeds within its coverage area..
1. Solidrf has been committed to creating convenient and easy-to-use high-end cell phone signal amplifier with new technologies and new processes.
2. We introducing the dual-interior panel antennas cell signal booster. Featuring a high gain amplifier, powerful outside directional antenna, Tru5 Band enhanced internal circuitry, and more. The Signal Plus kit is the most cost efficency dual-interior antennas cell signal booster available on the market today.
3. SolidRF has always insisted on using a fully enclosed aluminum enclosure for the amplifier. There are two benefits to do so. The first is that the amplifier generates a lot of heat when it works. Good heat dissipation can ensure the stable operation of the equipment and the life of the internal components. All solidrf booster have a 3 year . The second benefit is that Wireless signal amplifiers all have electromagnetic radiation, and a fully enclosed metal casing can ensure that all electromagnetic radiation is confined inside the device and will not cause radiation and interference to the surrounding environment. 4.Compared with the traditional one indoor antenna scheme, the performance improvement of the two interior panel antennas will double coverage ability inside the building. Provides two zones of coverage in any size home or office. This is the best solution especially if the target coverage area is a two-story building, or if the internal building can’t be covered by one antenna because of building materials that block cell signal (plaster, concrete, metal, UV-coated glass, etc. )
5. Tru5 band technology is unique to solidrf. Because the downlink of the two bands Band12 and Band13 is physically connected. The products of other companies use an amplification link for processing. solidrf creatively uses two amplification links to amplify the signals in these two frequency bands. At present, only our products on the market will not cause the strong signal to suppress the weak signal amplification because the strength of the two frequency bands is different. Vehicle often encounters this situation because it needs to move constantly. With our products, you will not encounter the situation where you cannot receive signals from your own base station in the distance because your position is close to a certain( not yours) operator’s base station.
6. There is no end to innovation. SolidRF has been adhering to the ingenuity of an engineer, and constantly trying and making continuous efforts to make better products is our only goal and our interest.

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