Stalkmarket 100% Compostable Natural Plant Fiber Bowl, 32-Ounce, 500-Count Case


SUSTAINABLE AND COMPOSTABLE – Made from 100% compostable plant fiber, our premium heavy weight tableware is made with no trees or plastic, making it the most functional line of natural plant fiber products in the market..
Bringing high quality compostable products to the market for over 15 years, Stalkmarket is the leading supplier of 100% compostable plant-based coffee cups, lids, tableware, cutlery and food packaging. All Stalkmarket products are bpi certified compostable and made from all-natural and sustainable resources. Stalkmarket Heavy Duty fiber plates, bowls and take out boxes are made from fully sustainable natural plant fiber. No trees or petroleum based materials were used to make these products which means not only a reduction in the destruction of our forests but also a reduction in other harmful toxics wastes from petroleum based plastics and Styrofoam. This comprehensive line of 100% pre-consumer recycled fiber products come in a variety of sizes to suit your many needs. Stalkmarket sugarcane products Also mix and match perfectly with other Stalkmarket family of compostable products like planet+ paper hot and cold cups, Jaya clear PLA cold cups and cutlery and the fashionable Wasara product lines – all of which are available on Amazon. All green. All the time. That’s us.

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