Stander 30” Safety Bed Rail, Adjustable Bed Rail for Elderly Adults, Bed Safety Rail with Padded Organizer Pouch


PREVENT FALLS: The 30” Safety Bed Rail acts as a guard rail helping to keep you or your loved one safe from rolling out of bed during the night; use the bed rail as a grab bar for balance and support when transferring in and out of bed; keep your remote, glasses, or medications close by in the included padded organizer pouch.
The 30” Safety Bed Rail with Padded Organizer Pouch by Stander provides independence and balance in the comfort of your home, and helps to prevent falls in the bedroom. This unique bed assist bar functions as both a bedside support handle and bed rail, allowing you or your loved ones to safely transfer in and out of bed. Quickly collapse the bed rail when not in use or while making your bed. The 30” Safety Bed Rail is perfect for those who lack mobility, suffer from loss of balance, or are recovering from surgery.

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