SteadMax 2 Hot Water Bottles, Natural Rubber -BPA Free- Durable Hot Water Bag for Hot Compress and Heat Therapy, Random Colors (2 Pack)


RANDOM COLORS (Pack of 2), PLEASE NOTE, All Natural Hot Water Rubber Bottles May Smell, To R.
Great Value! Set of 2 Durable Rubber Hot Water Bottles β€’ Soothe your body with warm heat in chilly temperatures β€’ Use Heat to Relieve Sore Muscles, Back Pain, Arthritis, Stress, Sports injuries and other Pains β€’ Ribbed texture makes skin contact safer and more comfortable β€’ Fills to a 2 quart capacity β€’ Features easy to fill lip with secure screw topper β€’ Made from Natural Rubber, Non Toxic β€’ Conforms with BS1970 : 2006 Safety Standard β€’ Fill only to two-thirds capacity maximum β€’ Check stopper for wear and tear damage at regular intervals

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