Stupidity is inversely proportional to compassion

There are things that we only become more aware of in difficult times. β€œWe all fall down together and we all get up together. It’s a quote that film producers love so much but that has nothing to do with the reality of the facts. I thought I was just unlucky when, desperate for a bad thing afflicting my partner, I received a call from a client.

He told me that he was aware of the situation I was in, he had noticed that the store had been closed for some time and he told me that he wanted to take advantage of this difficult moment to get the price he thought was best for a certain object.

But no, apparently these people do exist. Likewise this year I found myself in difficulty for similar reasons (therefore of my health and my loved ones) and I received a phone call from another customer who was very angry because he had found the store closed. I explained to him that I had to close the store quickly because a person in my family needed me because he was suffering from a medical problem but he, as if nothing happened, asked me what price I was paying him.

The thing would not have upset me if I was in a normal situation of tranquility but this time is different, I asked myself some questions. How can a person think of asking me prices if I am telling him that I am in a situation where theoretically I would not even have to answer my cell phone? I don’t know if it’s just rudeness or something else.

What I do know, almost for sure, is that we are losing the sense of measure anyway and above all we have lost the hierarchy of important things in life. I have no words to express my disappointment.

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