Tenway Baofeng USB Programming Cable Win 7/10, 64Bit for Baofeng Radio UV-5R, BF-888S, H-777 with Driver CD


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If your PC system can not automatically recognize the cable, you need to install theCH-340 driverDownload link: tenwayradio.com/download/
Newest Version Support Windows 7/10, 64 Bit PC
Support CHIRP Program Software
Compatible with Radio: The cable works with UV-5R/5RA/5R PLUS/5RE, UV3R PLUS, BF-888S, BF-F8+
Package includes:
1 x USB Programming Cable
1 x Driver CD

Operation is simple (using CHIRP).
1. Install CHIRP software (latest build .exe) from their website
2. Plugin the cable and wait for windows to install drivers
(If your PC system win7&win10 cann’t directly recognize the cable, you need to install the driver/Download link: tenwayradio.com/download/οΌ‰
3. Start CHIRP software from your start menu
4. Select ‘Radio’->’download from radio’
5. In the open dialog window select your port, radio manufacturer and model number
6. You will see progress bar and when it is done there will be a new tab with your radio’s config open
7. Save your original config just in case you need to go to it.
8. With your config tab selected go to ‘Radio’->’import from stock config’ and select which bad file you want to load
9. Pop-up window will open with list of bends and memory locations, use controls on pop-up window to modify list as you need and press OK.
Take advantage of buttons under ‘adjust new location’, these will alter all addresses in the list for you. Press OK when done
10. Verify that your address list is what you want and go to ‘radio’->’update to radio’
11. Answer whatever prompts you get and let it rip. You will see progress bar going. When it is done, your radio is ready to be used with updated channel list.

Before you upload to radio, you can also change settings, see there is a tab under ‘memories memory range’ label at top left corner.

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