Call center calls me to upgrade to Super Digital TIM

Today I’m going to tell you a very recreational story. The purpose of this article is to prevent you from being offered something you don’t want. A little over an hour ago, a woman contacted me in the office from an anonymous number (call center). She comes with a first name and a last name. It informs me that there is a mandatory transition from my current telecom plan for adsl to super digital fiber and asks me to confirm my personal data.

In my mind at this point the following questions begin to flash:

  • Why did this person show up with their first and last names if they normally don’t tell you their last name (rightly)?
  • Why do I have to change?

I answer very quietly that I do not care, You very kindly accept my decision, greet me and hang up. After half an hour, he calls me a man who proposes the same thing to me. He comes with a first name and a last name and I inform him that today is the second time I receive a phone call from them. He then points out to me that I received this phone call because I did not accept the contract change. I confirm to him that I do not intend to amend the contract.

At this point he tells me that the modification is mandatory because everyone has to switch to fiber. I tell him that I have a binding contract and that I have already been billed the router, so I can not change plan or operator. He tells me that they are not going to change routers and that they will only change in the control unit. He assures me that they are the telecom and that they know what they are doing. He asks me why I don’t want to change the contract. I simply tell him that I have established it this way. He does not accept this answer and insists.

At this point in my mind the following questions are asked:

  • Why do these people need my personal data?
  • Why did I not receive any communication written by the telecom for unilateral modification of the contract?
  • How do they NOT know that I already have fiber?
  • Why are they calling me from an anonymous number?

I would like to say to him that I thank him for the information and that I will contact 191 to give me some clarification on this “unilateral” modification of the contract. He laughs and informs me that “they are 191” and that when I call they will answer me. I salute him and re-attack him. I take some time to call 191 and a very kind worker answers me that clarifies the situation:

  1. They never called me;
  2. I am not obliged to do anything;
  3. If there is a very “rare” need for unilateral change. Nobody’s going to call. The protocol requires that I be sent a letter containing all the details of the unilateral change.

Together, we have therefore made the assumption that this was a call centre that wants to take advantage of the recent diffusion of fiber to win commissions related to the implementation of a few more contracts. The operator then advised me to tell the next ones that they will call me with the same intentions, which I have already spoken to in 191. Thanking the operator, I hang up the phone and i’m going to stop and think about something.

I have news that this persuasive strategy that agencies would normally adopt to hook up new users is a modus operandi that many insiders have in common. I think it is clear at this point that this is only an initiative by some of these particular agencies that would use systems that are not approved in the guidelines provided by the company on behalf of which they conclude contracts.

I know you expect to read that call centers are a scourge and things like that. Not in this article. The people who work in call centers could be our friends or relatives. All working people deserve respect to the extent that they operate with criterion and respect towards others.


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