Tuesday 29 September 2020

Dear friends welcome to our daily report. Today is a rather cold day but if you are under the sun you do not feel much. It’s a pretty relevant day for me. I have guests in the house so today’s diary will not be long, boring and very long as usual. As soon as we found a moment free from work, we went to buy a 4G router because at home we do not have the adsl.

It was a very welcome gift that exceeded my best expectations. It was something I had wanted for a long time and I am very happy that they gave it to me. I am currently trying it out in the backyard and I must say that it takes perfectly. I do not know if the jigs will be enough but we will do some tests.

Well yes, living in the mountains has its pros and cons and one of the cons is that in my house do not arrive services such as methane and adsl. I’m practically destroyed, now I’m going to bed and I hope you will forgive me (or thank me) if this time I do not linger in my flights pindaricici. A hug to everyone if I can.

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