Underwater Audio Swimbuds Waterproof iPod Swimbuds Bundle (Gold)


Bundle includes: Underwater Audio waterproof iPod + Swim buds extra-short cord waterproof earbuds.
ABOUT YOUR WATERPROOF SHUFFLE: Underwater Audio uses a pioneering, multi-step process to apply an internal waterproof seal that provides full protection against water intrusion, resulting in the most robust waterproof player available. We take an original Apple iPod shuffle and use our process to create a player that is fully functional in any wet environment ranging from light humidity to full submersion. Our waterproof iPod technology enables swimmers to easily skip tracks and adjust volume between strokes. Waterproof seals resist water damage down to 200 feet (61m/86.7psi). SWIMBUDS EARBUDS: Swim buds waterproof headphones are designed to stay in during flip turns and are perfect for lap swimming. Short cord (10in/25cm) reduces drag and keeps ear buds secure during swim. Swim-style ear buds stay sealed and give excellent sound underwater. Find your own fit with 4 sizes of ear buds. Adjust cord length with included extension cable (39in/1m). NOTE: Underwater Audio is not affiliated, associated, or in cahoots with Apple. We are an independent company specializing in waterproof solutions. All trademarks belong to respective owners.

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