Vanilla Ultra Strong Keratin Treatment with Clarifying Shampoo 16oz by Smart Protection


Straightens, smooth your hair for 4-6 months, Eliminates frizz and curl.
Keratin Hair Treatment infused with hydrolyzed keratin & collagen Amino acids for stronger healthier shiny hair. Eliminates frizz and curl, promotes healing of hair, blocks the effects of humidity. Great for all hair types Smart Protection Brazilian Keratin Treatment will leave your hair elastic, flexible, and soft, with a naturally vibrant shine. Keratin is a very strong protein that is a natural component of your hair, skin, nails and teeth. Clarifying shampoo is formulated to deep-cleans the hair cuticle and removes all residues and impurities that cling to the hair shaft. WARNING: APPLY ONLY IN A WELL-VENTILATED AREA. GLOVES AND FACEMASKS ARE RECOMMENDED DURING APPLICATION. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. AVOID CONTACT WITH EYES AND DO NOT INGEST. IF PRODUCT GETS INTO YOUR EYES, FLUSH IMMEDIATELY WITH PLENTY OF WATER AND SEEK MEDICAL ASSISTANCE. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. WOMEN WHO ARE PREGNANT OR BREAST-FEEDING SHOULD AVOID CONTACT WITH THE PRODUCT.

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