WaterLux Commercial Eco Laundry Digital Ozone Generator Machine 1000mg/L Detergent-Less Latest Generation for All Washers


MONEY-SAVING: commercial ozone generator has a low operating cost, leads to longer lasting clothes and detergent savings and operates on cold water to use less energy.
Reduce environmental impact and resource usage with the WaterLux commercial ozone generator. Easy to install, it connects directly to the water lines supplying your washing machine. This laundry appliance produces 1,000 mg of ozone for each liter of water, mixing it with activated oxygen to kill bacteria and remove mold in a safe, natural and effective manner. Clothes are more thoroughly cleaned with less detergent or bleach and with cold water, saving energy and using fewer chemicals. The laundry ozone generator also removes toxins so clothes are safe against sensitive skin after washing. This unit is widely compatible and works with all washing machine models from major brands. It’s simple to operate with visual LED indicators and a single power button.

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