Wednesday, September 30, 2020 – IgnisDIARY

And September is gone, this doesn’t just mean that we have to pay back the rent and utilities but it also means that we are looking more and more to this winter. They say that there will be another lockdown but I don’t think this is plausible, I hope not anyway because it would be very difficult to reopen. I get out of bed more and more tired, maybe because of the fact that I sleep about three hours or four a night.

I think it’s my fault because I should fall asleep earlier but there are so many things to do when you come back from work that it seems bad to jump right into bed. For the moment I’m also resisting the pain in my back that doesn’t go away, another month has passed and I can’t get over it. I wonder if I’ll ever get over it, I doubt it’s a passing thing after four months.

There is little to say, life is consumed at work and in solving daily problems. Now that I have restored normal hours, I will work about sixty-six hours a week six days a week, I have to take advantage of every minimum moment, I can’t give up. Especially people who complain about the so-called smart working make me. I would be happy to take an hour’s nap every now and then in my bed at home.

I don’t remember anything else to add, my brain is quite muffled.

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