Wireless Backup Camera with Built-in Recorder 9″ FHD Monitor for Truck Rear View Reversing Backing Up Camera With Extra Stable Signal IP69 Monitor System for RV Trailer Bus Motorhome Camper Xroose WX4


Built-in Recorder Wireless Backup Camera, High-Speed Observation System-No Interference,Camera Wireless Signal Can Stay Smooth and Clear Even Car Speeds Up To 75mile. This Rear View Camera with Monitor can Working on vehicle range under 60ft..
Installation Guide


1. Find out the car charger to plug into the monitor firstly , then other side plug into your car cigaratte lighter,then monitor will get power now


1. Find out four pcs power cable for each camera to connect to your camera

2. Red power to connect to power + , like revresing light’s power + for one of them , so that this camera can work as reversing camera .

3. Second camera to get another power + from other power source like the continues power if you want it work as monitor

4. Connect to headlight or turn light’s power + according what you want this camera wokring as

Packing List

1.One Wireless Monitor

2.Four Wireless Backup Camera

3. Five Wireless Signal Antenna

4. 5 Pcs Hard Power Cable

5. One Car Charger

6. One Monitor Bracket

7.Fitting Kits Like Scew

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