Yamuna Body Rolling Save Your Shoulders Kit


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The Yamuna Save Your Shoulders Kit frees joint and muscle restrictions and increases the range of motion in your shoulders in places you didn’t even know were tight! Your shoulder joint connects your hands and arms to your head, neck and torso. It is one of the most overused parts of the body. This means it is important to keep the shoulders aligned, tension free, and with full range of motion. Learning how to care for your shoulders will prevent: movement limitation, round shoulders, frozen shoulders and other common shoulder injuries. The DVD instructs you on how to prevent breakdown in the shoulder joints and prevent major shoulder injuries. Everyone needs to have this DVD and the Black and Gold Yamuna Rolling Balls in his/her self-care toolbox. What is Body Rolling? “Yamuna Body Rolling is a therapeutic self-care practice for body therapy practitioners and an educational tool used by body therapists to empower clients to develop a deeper and more subtle relationship with their own bodies. Yamuna Body Rolling improves any type of body-oriented practice, from massage and physical therapy to bodywork, yoga teaching, fitness training, and somatic therapies such as Feldenkrais and Alexander Technique. Developed through seventeen years of bodywork practice, Body Rolling is an experiential approach to learning the language of anatomy. Yamuna Body Rolling will help you maintain the health of your own neuromuscular and skeletal systems. It helps you learn to listen to the useful information the body communicates to you, making it possible to develop greater control over your internal state and increase your ability to use your body more freely and intelligently, whether in your body therapy practice, for exercise or just in daily life. “Yamuna balls are manufactured without the use of harmful phthalates. Good for you and good for the environment.

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