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Dear friends, today I'll talk about a cooling system external to the portable computer that I bought and that I received just yesterday evening. I really like the laptops because they are very comfortable and because I like the idea of being able to write an article like this while my dog plays happy at the park. But what's always bothered me laptops is the fact that, like all systems cooled by a fan, sooner or later fill with dust and no longer able to dissipate properly the heat. Are not, in fact, rare are the times where I used the laptop, overheating would stop working and decide to go off by only making me lose the work of an hour or more. Normally, when my desktop computer starts to work badly, and I hear the fan, which increases the number of turns, I find relatively simple, the fate of open it and clean fan and heatsink. Unfortunately, this operation with a laptop is not very simple and if I had to bring my old laptop is dusty in for service, I would probably be forced to pay much more to have it cleaned of its real value. This has led me on more than one occasion to opt for the computer portable and affordable without the fan, but that still offer the performance really poor.

sistema di ragffreddamento esterno per computer portatile sistema di ragffreddamento esterno per computer portatile sistema di ragffreddamento esterno per computer portatile sistema di ragffreddamento esterno per computer portatile sistema di ragffreddamento esterno per computer portatile sistema di ragffreddamento esterno per computer portatile sistema di ragffreddamento esterno per computer portatileIn addition, I noted the tendency on the part of all the laptops to overheat, even if they are new when I open a game that requires a good processing capacity. Very often the keyboard and the area around where it exits the air become hot, and I find myself many times in the unpleasant condition of being forced to give up the idea of playing with my laptop. I was just trying to find something that would allow me to continue to use my laptop when I discovered this new cooling system external to the portable computer. I bought it on amazon because usually I purchase them and I was never disappointed with its warranty policy to the customer and return the items for a refund. When I arrived, and I opened the box, I saw immediately that it was an object very well done and I could not believe it that it cost so little. It is in fact a solution that works on all the laptops, is equipped with adapters for all of the air vents of any laptop up to 17 inches and is powered with a convenient usb cable. What do you call this contraption miraculous? It's called KLIM COOL, weighs only 259 grams, and works with 5 volts! The thing that I liked very much, it is the display that allows control of the number of revolutions per minute of the fan. Also, that never hurts, is also very nice from an aesthetic point of view. Personally, I have purchased in euros, however, by clicking this link, you should be redirected directly to the store of amazon in your country.

How it works this system of external cooling of the laptop

There are many ways to attempt to cool a laptop, and then there is this system fabulous! I speak well because even when my laptop was new, I couldn't play any games that engage my video card because it overheats too. The system is brilliant, in practice, drag it out to force all the hot air from the laptop , making up for the shortcomings of the cooling system native. My laptop is a beautiful machine and we are fond of, with this solution is reborn. In addition, the system does not need to work with the fan to the maximum. Excellent results are reached while maintaining the adjustable crank of the power of the fan even in the middle. The fan of this cooling system for computer laptop in fact it is really more silent than the fan of my laptop.

The reasons for which I decided to buy a cooling system external to the portable computer

With the system of external cooling means any cooling system that needs to be linked to internal parts of the computer, is thus independent, if it breaks you can not change and is not necessary to disassemble the laptop. That is the thing that increases the efficiency in the absolute sense, especially in laptops.

The first result of malfunction, obsolescence, and senescence of a laptop is the overheating. Although the components for the computer are designed to operate even at a temperature reasonably high, we can not exclude the fact that any metal body expands with the heat. The temperatures can be really high inside of a closed system such as a laptop computer. Working with a laptop is extremely hot, is to put the laptop inside an oven at 70 degrees celsius. I would not do that. It is therefore imperative to try to protect our laptop from too high a temperature. Also because, not everyone can afford the luxury of changing computers every year.

This model in particular is the second version, slightly larger and with a larger capacity fan. They claim that in their tests the temperature of the computer has dropped to about 20 degrees, but I can assure you that in my tests, I realized that you can lower even more. Keep in mind that I couldn't write with my laptop due to the fact that the keys were too hot. Now it is almost too cool and quiet above all.

The second reason is certainly the compatibility, in fact, a good system of this type, is supplied with a kit of adapters of different sizes that can adhere well to any slot of the lateral leakage of air.

The reasons for which I would not have purchased a cooling system external to the portable computer

Of course, perfection in life does not exist, this is not a system that goes well if it has a stiff as a desk on which to place it. However, there is another solution, always the same brand, which provides a system that is less powerful and lighter. I can't think of anything else.

The price and the similar alternatives

I have purchased with a special offer in euro. Currently the price is around 25-30 euros / dollars, and, anyway, I present the various alternatives that you can find on the amazon website. I put them directly from the website of the united states, but by clicking on it you should be redirected back to the store amazon of your country. Of course, if you decide to buy this object, I I had to receive a commission from these links. So, if I'm unpleasant, you can search directly from the website of amazon.

Other cooling systems for portable computers

For the sake of completeness I would like to specify that this is not the only system to cool a laptop computer, there are liquid cooling systems internal and external bases with the fans and also other systems are less common. In the first case, however, it is a very expensive solution and may not be worth the trouble to spend all this money. Remember that any laptop, sooner or later, no matter how much they have paid, will be subject to senescence or obsolescence, and, therefore, it is not expedient to devote a lot of money.

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