G Suite: what it is, what are the plans and how to access the 20% discount

You know that the google services, without making too many turns of words, services are free the best in the world. To use the service G Suite for companies, you simply have to go to the page of G Suite and enter the code F9QEXUPKMYJTQER that you will have a discount of 20% when prompted.

Some more details about G Suite

Now imagine for a moment what needs to be nice to get in touch with the Google Team that gives you the assistance of an operator 7 days on 7 and 24 hours 24 by phone, chat, or email. The service exists and is called the G Suite. It is a tool which offers the Google Cloud and allows you to extend the free services for a more professional by adding lots of functions, such as:

- Communicate through e-mail by using a domain with the format @companyname instead of @gmail.com;

- Plan your activities with Google Calendar for the team activities;

- Make use of a Google+ profile of the Company;

- Make video group calls with Hangout and Meet;

- Enjoy all the features of the best known office suite. Word processor, spreadsheets, surveys and forms online, presentations by create team, implementation sites, and block notes;

- Store the data in one of the cloud most popular, tried, tested, and with one of the most advanced search systems;

- Have access to a console that lets you manage the permissions of various users with simplicity;

- Organize and export all of your documents and data when and where you want;

- Enjoy the security of google data, which is not little.

What is currently the most convenient G Suite according to me

Currently, it is possible to subscribe to two plans G Suite. The basic plan offers substantially, compared to the free services email professional, 30 gigs of space, and customer support. The business plan is, however, preferable because a little more than 10 euros (at the time the article is updated), and offers "unlimited space". If you think that other cloud services and also the service of google are much more expensive, you quickly realize that you have unlimited space on google is a beautiful thing.

From personal experience I can tell you that in general, the assistance to the companies, 24 hours on 24 and 7 days on 7, by a team of experts with the thresholds of the SLA such as these is very much more expensive of the price that Google is asking. Companies that for one reason or another have had the need to use a service serious, you know that the costs can be thousands of times higher.

According to my personal opinion, this is a high-quality service that allows anyone to save on the purchase of a hosting, e-mails, on the licenses for word processors and spreadsheets, on the equipment to keep in contact, on the storage in the Cloud.

For example, if I were to put all the documents on an external hard disk, I would not be able to be partly cloudy. This is because anything can happen, a theft, a break, a little accident: I would lose all my work. In addition, the storage “safe” of certain documents or personal information is required.

It only remains for me to raise a nice thumbs-up for G Suite of google, I hope the post was of help to someone, and I invite you to leave your comments at the end of the article.

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