G Suite: what is it, what are the plans and how to access discounts of 20%

It is known that google services are the best free services in the world. To take advantage of the G Suiteservice for companies simply go to the G Suite page and enter the F9QEXUPKMYJTQER code that will allow you to get a 20% discount.

If this code is already used you can ask me a new one by leaving a comment under this article and I will reply as soon as possible with a new and valid discount code: it’s a promise!

Some more detail about G Suite

Now imagine for a moment how can be wonderful to get in touch with the Google Team that provides you with a 7/7 and 24/24 helpdesk service by phone, chat or email.

The service exists and is called G Suite. It’s a tool that delivers Google Cloud and lets you extend your free services for more professional use by adding a lot of features like:

  • Communicate via email using a domain with the @namecompany format instead of @ gmail.com;
  • Schedule your activities with Google Calendar for teamwork;
  • Get a Google+ Business Profile;
  • Make group video calls with Hangout Meet;
  • Take advantage of all the features of the most popular office suites. Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Online Polls and Modules, Presentations to be Created in Teams, Site Implementation, and Block Notes;
  • Store data in one of the most popular, proven clouds and with one of the most advanced search systems;
  • Have access to a console that allows you to manage the permissions of various users with simplicity;
  • Organize and export all your documents and data whenever and wherever you want;
  • Enjoy the protection of google data.

What are the prices and plans of G Suite?

Of course, like any other thing in the world, taking advantage of these tools has a price. Prices are clearly displayed on the G Suite page. With time the prices could change but at the moment these are:

  • Basic Plan that costs 4 € per month or 40 € per year plus VAT per user and includes:
    • Business email with Gmail (so email @ nickname);
    • Video conferencing and voice conferencing for high quality video conferencing with up to 25 participants;
    • Shared calendars;
    • Documents, worksheets, and presentations to work together on the same file at once;
    • Phone, email and online support 24/7;
    • Security controls such as two-step verification, mobile device management, Single Sign-On (SSO);
    • 30 GB of storage space on Cloud;
  • Business Plan that costs 8 € per month or 96 € per year plus VAT per user and includes everything that the Basic Plan offers and:
    • Unlimited cloud storage (or 1 TB per user if users are less than 5);
    • Smart Search for All Google Cloud Products with Cloud Search;
    • The eDiscovery that is the process that allows you to search and find electronic information. It is particularly useful in the field of law and to prevent loss of data as a result of staff relocation;
    • You can decide how long to keep your email and chat stored in the log. Specify criteria for the entire domain or organizational units, specific date ranges, and specific terms;
    • Have control reports to monitor user activity;
  • Enterprise Plan that costs € 23 per user per month or € 276 per user per year plus VAT and includes everything that the Business Plan offers with more:
    • Possibility to configure policy-based actions to send notifications to the administrator, add alerts to message headers, or block emails when sensitive content is detected;
    • Possibility to prevent unauthorized sharing of sensitive data files such as credit card numbers stored in Drive. Use over 50 match sensors for sensitive content and create custom rules for sending alerts or sharing blocks.
    • Add S/MIME signatures to outbound emails to make them safer. S/MIME (Secure / Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) is a standard method for sending digital encrypted email messages.
    • Enforce the use of security token to access G Suite, preventing other less secure access methods.
    • Analyze Gmail logs in BigQuery to perform sophisticated high performance custom queries, analyze data, and create custom dashboards.
  • Team that costs € 8 per month or € 96 per year plus VAT per user and includes:
    • Video and voice meetings for up to 25 users;
    • Documents, worksheets and presentations;
    • Phone, mail and online support 24/7;
    • Unlimited cloud storage (or 1 TB per user if users are less than 5);
    • Team user management.


For personal experience, I can say that in general, 24/7 support from companies by a team of experts with SLA thresholds like these, is much more expensive than this.

In my honest opinion, this is a high quality service that lets anyone save on purchasing a hosting, e-mail boxes, licenses for text and spreadsheets, the equipment to keep in touch and cloud storage.

To make an example, if I had to put all the documents on an external hardisk, I could not be quiet. Because anything can happen, a theft, a break, a small accident: I would lose all my work. In addition, the “safe” retention of certain documents or personal information is mandatory by law.


I just have to raise a thumbs up for google’s G Suite. I hope the post has been helpful to someone and I invite you to leave your comments at the end of the article.