Avatar in WordPress How to Make

Avatar in WordPress want explain to you how make a free avatar online and without registration and how you can put in our wordpress profile.

An avatar is an image that generally identifies a nick within a community. It’s a way to enrich your profile with a nice image that identifies you. Some authors of some blogs prefer to put their own image on their profile but if you want to remain anonymous, you can easily create one from one of the many sites on the net. For example, I use a site called Avatar Maker. It is a cute site that allows you to create Avatars without registration.

Once you have your avatar ready, in your backend menu, choose Profile and go to te bottom of the page. You will see in the Account Management section, at the right of the writing Avatar a button with the write select. You can push it and you can upload your avatar normally in your media archive. Then you will select this image and click on insert.

Our site has no link with avatar maker but we appreciated the simplicity and usability of this tool. The avatars are really fabulous, the system to create them is really simple and well done. The combinations of avatars or caricatures are really many.