How to contact facebook

Have you ever had the urgent need to contact facebook customer support? After a quarter of an hour of exhausting and infinite search, I’m almost sure your face will look like this:


On the web there are a myriad of posts that would explain how to contact facebook. In fact, the vast majority of those posts, as you have already understood, are squeezed by others and procedures may be useless, frustrating, and obsolete.

There is only one way to contact facebook with absolute certainty and I will explain it later.

You’ll definitely read on blogs that there is a magic link. When you click on this link, you see that the page does not exist. This is because facebook regularly updates their pages and is so many that they can not keep up with the redirects to old pages.

You have also noticed that when you enter the service section, there is a large database with so much useful information. However, it is not possible to find that magic button that sends you an email or a message. There is not the human contact.

Yet facebook is made by humans, how can we contact them? How can we contact them without going legal? The answer is very simple, I did this way.

Currently, the link to us is which is the link that makes you read the extended privacy policy. If you go to the bottom of the page, there are two snail mail addresses, one for those living in the United States or Canada and one for those living in Europe. This link works now, if it needs to be changed in the future you have to look for it in the privacy policy pages.

Now that you have scored this address, the next step is very simple: “You must send them an international registered mail!” It cost me about 10 euros but I was sure that they received the letter.

Do not forget to write the text in English (their main language) and then also send a copy a copy in your language to avoid misunderstandings, ask that you be answered by registered mail and at the same time by email. Make sure you leave all the necessary details and, if requested, prepared to send you an identity document. To gain time I sent it all directly.

If you do not speak English well, tell them to call you on the phone only if they have a person who speaks correctly in your language.

Some of you will be a bit disappointed but please believe me when I tell you that this is the only real test I know about getting in touch with facebook. The guides I read on the internet did not serve anything, with all respect to who wrote or copied them.

It is normal then that Facebook, which has hundreds of millions of users (blessed it), can not put hundreds of thousands of people in a call center to answer user queries.

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