How to Export with Adobe Lightroom Files in PNG Format

Exporting your photos in PNG format with Adobe Lightroom can be useful because they seem to lose fewer details when posting them on social networks. In fact, the PNG format has more defined edges, though the compression ratio of the JPEG format is much more efficient in terms of larger file sizes.

There is an Adobe Lightroom plugin that allows you to export files in PNG format. This plugin is called Magic Export for Lightroom and is available for downloading at the following address:

After downloading the zip file you should unzip it. At this point, you will have a folder called MagicExport_v0.5. Below this folder you will find another one that is called

Magic Export.lrplugin

This is the plugin folder you are interested in. Next step is to add the plugin on Adobe Lightroom. You have to open the program and export an image to open the export window.

In the export window choose “plugin management”.

In the plugin management window, choose the button at the bottom left named “Add”. You will open a window where you will put the path of the folder containing the plugin. Then click on select folder.

At this point, you will see on the left of window the plugin. So you can close all windows.

On Adobe Lightroom you have to right click and choose export again on one or more pics.

Use this plugin for those who are not familiar, it’s not intuitive, so I recommend you look at the next steps. You must choose “Magic Export” from the drop-down menu above. You will notice on the right that something has changed, at the bottom of the window you will see the Magic Export box and here, in the drop down menu, you will choose PNG. On the right you can also specify Depth. Next, click on “Export” and after you process the PNG files exported to the destination folder you can choose in the same window.

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