Honor 8 Huawei my experience

The honor 8 of Huawei Technologies is a great phone. It has replaced my mobile phone samsung galaxy note n7000 which is now rather dated. I have chosen the honor 8 after careful research because I had the need to have an Android phone that is efficient and not particularly expensive.

Speed is an important factor

Now it is a thing well known that mobile apps are more and more heavy. Even if it is with the greatest diligence possible on a mobile phone and you install the bare minimum, sooner or later you will have to change.

The phone I need especially to work. I have the need of a certain rapidity in the response of the applications. After you have purchased the honor 8, I have tried several applications and I have to say that I'm really very pleased with it, works in 64bit.

Not all the features are available for Honor 8

I noticed only one thing limiting, the absence of a system of manual management of the parameters of the camera. This feature has been added to the most expensive mobile phones by the same manufacturer. It is therefore conceivable that it is a business choice of the manufacturer.

More experienced users in the field of photography may meet with some difficulty to exploit to the maximum the potential of photo of honor 8 because, in this field, the manual management is of paramount importance if you want to get satisfactory results.

The robustness is fundamental (by the due knock on wood)

The phone, I fell also to the ground several times and for the moment nothing happened. In fact, it still works perfectly and there are no signs of scratches or anything else. Of course, it would be appropriate to put a cover anti-shock as I did. Is it a phone is very sturdy, but I guess in the end it's only a matter of luck.

The price, even after many months from the market it keeps well. This fact, many times it is a sign of good quality. I have nothing to reproach to this phone and recommend it.

Updates are fairly frequent and there is a special software to optimize the performance of the phone and applications.

The technical characteristics of Honor 8

How much is the Honor 8?

Normally I make purchases on amazon's site in "early" because I really like their return policy and the shipping times are fast and reliable. I did a search and the prices I have found are:

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