Icons taskbar-windows 10: How to make them visible

Icons taskbar windows 10: to Make them visible is very simple. After reading the official guidance from microsoft, I wrote this article.

Click with the right button on the clock in the bottom right and choose the last entry. A window will open, scroll down to find the notification area and click on the second item. A new window will open where you can choose whether to make them all viewable, or to pick only a few.

If you still don't understand the process, you can view this video to 15 seconds.

With the new versions of windows, has been introduced to the settings section. It is not clear this differentiation between the classic windows control panel and the settings section. Personally, I think I have reason to think that we will see more forward to the disappearance of the control panel.

In fact, if you go to the control panel and the settings panel, you will realize that you can do almost the same things but in a different way. It is possible that it is a choice that the end user can get used to what is the settings panel before you dispose of the control panel.

You might therefore think that this choice will be the prelude that introduces a new kind of interface for windows. Considering that the success of this operating system is due to its user interface, I expect it to be something exceptional.

Until then, we are half-way between the old system and the new, hence the need to write the guide "Icons in the windows taskbar 10: make them visible".

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