OJIN MoYu WEILONG WR M 3×3 Weilong WR Enhanced WRM 3×3 Speed Cube Smooth Cube Puzzle rompicapo Giocattoli con Un Sacchetto del cubo e Un cubo treppiede (Senza Adesivo)

47,99 € – OJIN Team offers a variety of amazing cubes, which is developed by the cooperation of TOP International Cube Designers. We aim to provide the best cube for beginners and professional cubers.We have a group of experienced staffs and be sure offer you the best service.

[GREAT DESIGN[High quality adjustable spring, smooth and comfortable rotation.
[FOR ALL AGES[Classic Puzzle Game increase intelligence of kids, release working pressure of adults, help prevent a decline in memory of the elderly.
[COMFORTABLE FEELING[Made with eco-friendly ABS material, non-toxic, reliable, and lightweight and comfortable in hand.

[Can DIY Yourself:[
-If the cube too tight or too loose, doesn’t fit your style, just open the center piece and adjust it with a screwdriver.

Product name: MoYu WEILONG WR M 3×3 Cube.
Size: 5.55×5.55×5.55cm
Color: Stickerless
Level: 3x3x3
Product Weight: 84g
Package Weight: 337g

[Package Included:[
-1 x MoYu WEILONG WR M 3×3 Cube.
-1 x Customized Cube Bag.
-1 x Customized Cube Tripod.
-1 x Accessories box (Screwdriver,adjustment tool,spare screws,springs and nylon core, etc.)

-Moyu Cubes are very popular in cube players for it is fast smooth and professional.It is smooth, fast,and anti-POP!

[NOTICE:[Some cubes may have a little lubricant above for lubricating, please wipe it up with a clean cloth and be assured that it’s harmless to people.


CHOKING HAZARD-small posts.
Not suitable for children under 6 years. – 1. [SISTEMA DI REGOLAZIONE DOPPIA CREATIVA[ Gli esclusivi strumenti di regolazione doppia (9 livelli) consentono una maggiore scelta in termini di elasticità e consentono di impostare la tensione su un livello ideale.

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