Italian Server Ark kira (Ark: Survival Evolved) for Italy, florence ad Tuscany

This page is dedicated to the Italian arch server “Kira”, the server is in PVP mode with Active offline raid protection. We’ve always decided to update this server with the latest map to have the opportunity to have fun with the news made available by the wildcard.

You can log in simply by searching the name “Kira” in the list of unofficial ark servers or by clicking on this link. Below you can see the gameplay and live play list. There are also PVP events and tournaments so we suggest you add this page to your favorites!

Contacts, news and updates

If you need to contact the server administrator for some reason, you can do so by posting a message on our facebook page. We warn you that since the server program is released from the wildcard we can not check any bug issues. Also, remember that the kira ark server in pvp mode. On the same Facebook page, we will include any other news and events, so we recommend that you follow it.

Events and tournaments will always be organized through the same page as facebook.

Server Parameters

Currently the kira ark server is in PVP mode, the map is TheIsland and when the new map is released it will migrate to that. Currently XPs are x30, taming x20, x10 collection. There are no mods active. This server does not play a player in admin mode unless there is an ongoing event.

Voice server discord

We also opened a voice discord channel to entertain you in the company and you can access it freely by clicking here. You can also ask for a channel for your tribe on one of our friends who have disagreement on the general channel.

Rules of Server

This is a server with a very relaxed setting and it is not very difficult to survive. Do not forget, however, that it is a PVP server and that whatever happens, you will never tolerate or allow behaviors that affect the individual personally. Hence maximum education, respect for others, and abstain from swearing or blasphemy. Remember that it’s just a game.

Gameplay and Live

Anyone can join this community by sharing their gameplay or live stream. If you have a youtube channel you can point us to the videos and put them in our play list. Additionally, if you have a satisfactory graphics, you may want to discord the access keys to be included within your streaming program to publish directly to our youtube channel. Access keys will then be provided as a private message on your facebook profile. The request for the keys for streaming is subject to approval.