My cat Cettina

Today there is a recurrence that has led me to rethink about an event that happened a long time ago in a road in the middle of nowhere. However, for you to understand, I feel it necessary to do a little introduction. Because I am a cat lover, I have always had in the house. Mainly I prefer black cats, more or less cartujana.In fact, I think the black cat is one of the most elegant feline, like a panther in miniature. And I do not believe any of the superstitions connected to the black cat. Think of it as the Japanese for which the black cat is a symbol of good luck and they say that having one in your home will bring a lot of prosperity. My friends and acquaintances are aware of my preference and when a black kitten of a friend of mine had puppies, they gave me a beautiful black kitten that I named Romeo.

The sad end of my cat Romeo

In that period, I also had a female German shepherd named Cindy. The two made fast friends. My dog, due to her maternal instinct, was carrying around the kitten as if it were a puppy, and the kitten liked to get carried away in that way. They were very good friends the two, Romeo was a cat, very lively, friendly and not afraid of anything. They spent about two months when one morning we heard a deafening cry, and our dog barking and crying.

Romeo was not at all accustomed to go out in the garden alone. We had already thought of how to put the garden in yet to allow it to exit when he wanted to, and for the moment he kept the house and I did go out with a harness and a leash, just because waiting on me to finish the work not corrected the risks.

That morning, however, he broke the mosquito screen of a window, had gone out into the garden and climbed on the boundary wall had jumped into the garden of the house next door. It was a kitten, very curious and was very happy when I put the bib to go for a walk.

Unfortunately, however, here he met a boxer that has been getting a thinking of play as when he was playing with her friend that watched the scene helplessly from the other side of the wall. We climbed over the wall and when we removed it the mouth it was still alive. We were soon in the car and after a desperate race to the vet, we had to only look at the death. From that day on, our dog has always hated the neighbor's dog and he has never allowed to come near the wall. We had to close with the panels, the part of the garden that bordered the dog because we noticed that our dog was suffering even just to see it.

A strange encounter in a wasteland

At the time I was working still as a representative, it was a Thursday in early summer, it had been only four days since the death of my cat, Romeo, and I drove around in my car thinking back to what had happened less than a week before. Suddenly, the side of the road surrounded only by fields of wheat, I saw a small black thing on the right side. I saw that it was a kitten is all black, it reminded me of Romeo. I approached the car and I approached, convinced that it would have immediately ran away, instead he stayed there, motionless. He looked at me and it was as if through his eyes I asked you for help.

I took it and put it in the car. Was exhausted. I went then to the vet, who told me that it was a cat, perhaps a year, because he had already changed the teeth. Was undernourished to fear, weighed just 900 grams, had conjunctivitis, ringworm, worms and had lost a tooth. According to the vet he had little chance to survive but I am not surrendering and I decided to take it with me. As soon as we arrive home, she is tucked under a piece of furniture, and there was no way to be able to remove it from them. I put food and water near it, but the morning after he had not touched anything yet. In the morning, however, finally stepped up to the plate and I was able to take her in his arms. We started simministrarle the treatment that he suggested to the veterinarian for some time because he couldn't swallow. We fed her with a syringe for 3 days with milk for the kittens, then finally started to eat by herself.

Life with a cat traumatized

We have formulated several hypotheses about the motivations that lead her to mistrust. Normally the stray cats are notoriously wary of humans. However, some clues have led us to think that it was not born as a stray cat again, but that had been abused and then abandoned on the side of the road by someone. Although we demonstrate its affection with purring, any movement or noise the fa pounce on. We tried even to suggest that she had problems on a mental level, but when we have to bring to the vet immediately understand what is going on. Most of the time disappears under the bed and it is not easy to convince her to get out. Many times we have had to postpone the appointment with the vet due to the fact that it was impossible to put it in the container. So, she knows quite well what is happening around and has a mind of incredible.

There are times when we call and is as if it were a dog, other times when doing something that we don't like, such as scratching the sofa and the armchairs, it is sufficient to call for you to stop and use his scratching post personal. Sometimes it also makes us the pitfalls and antics. There is no night that you do not sleep in the bed with us. I'm really glad for taking it with me. Who knows where it would be at this point if I had not passed I the. I don't want to even think about it.

Now they are 7 years old that is with us and has become a real beauty. The remained, however, the fear and, in fact, rarely leaves her home. Also when the go in the garden it stays there for a very short time and just hear a dog barking in the distance and immediately returned, going to hide When someone comes to us visiting the home disappears from the circulation, and we'll meet her when the guests go away. Must feel in order to house a person for many times, because in the end it is the courage to go in and out in the open. In this case, immediately friendship with the person, and when this returns to our home does not run off more to hide, it only begins to rub at the ankles purring and asking for cuddles.

Not bear to see his empty bowl, because as soon as she finishes eating he starts meowing to make sure that it will be filled in another time. Who knows how much hunger will be suffered. And any thing relates to even the slightest change in his way of life does not accept it.

Fact, take it home, for a day trip or a holiday. In all these years we have never been away for several days from home and when it happened for not more than 3 or 4 days has always come to someone's home to feed, change litter and play a bit with the Cettina. We tried to take her with us, even for a simple walk close to home, since we live in the countryside, but as soon as crossed the gate of the garden we had to turn back because we saw that he was terrified.

And we soon decided to put the garden in safety so that our cat could end up in the garden of the house next door.

The coincidences of life

It's called Tinkerbell,which was the first name that came to mind when I brought it to the vet and he has compiled his booklet the health. but I started to call her Pussy, then Cetta and finally Cettina. And it is this name that responds now. Travel often for work and I see the poor dead cats to the edges of the road, has happened to me rarely see a cat or a dog in places and when this happened, I always stop, but they immediately ran away. And warn the brigade has always been one of my concern when I found an animal which seemed to stray, and certainly if you were allowed to bring, I would have taken with me.

But for Cettina was different, when I met her, I immediately thought that I had been sent to fill it with his love, even if only in part, the void that he left me with the death of the poor pussy killed by the neighbor's dog. I seemed to be immediately as a coincidence too strange. In fact, it happened just 4 days after that I had lost. And most of all, I always thought that Cettina wanted to come with me, as soon as he saw me.

Every time I stop to look at my cat, I have the impression that she wants to thank me each and every day you have saved it. I would love to be able to save all those poor animals that people without scruples, and without a heart, abandon or mistreat.

As the years pass, things change.

Just arrived home Cettina, things instantly changed for our German shepherd, Cindy. We had to keep her separated from the cat and from the areas where he was to afraid that she might catch some infection. Then for about twenty days have never seen.

The first time was not very promising because the dog is very happy, he immediately tried to take it in his mouth as he did with Romeo but Cettina was of a different opinion. He puffed up and tried to scratch leaving a lot of confused our Cindy. However slowly, at least you were not happy. Namely, it was the cat that could stand the dog as Cindy has always wanted to play with her. But Robot has never really made friendship unfortunately. Then went on to ignore each other even if they lived in the same house. But they did not give in to the boredom.

Unfortunately, a few years ago, Cindy came to miss for an illness and after a while we decided to get another dog. This time, we focused on the Jack Russell, a female, and we called it Kira. We took it that he had two months and as soon as I got home, Cettina not dimosterata very sociable starting to blow as he saw it approach.

Then things improved, but not much. The Jack Russell is known to be very lively and playful, Cettina a little bit we played, but after a little while he retreated in his favorite places. looking at all the ways to avoid the dog. They were also a little jealous of each other. jealous of our attention that we had to divide equally. Then every so often they played together, occasionally fighting, but there was not much friendship between the two.

This has all changed almost suddenly. I was admitted in the hospital for a fortnight, and then Kira and Cettina were left several hours in the day from the sun. Very probably it was at this juncture that they have made friends, pushed perhaps by the solitude.

I remember the first night that I slept at home after she returned from the hospital. Come and two on the bed, as they have always done, because they have always slept with us, even if one on one side and the other on the other side, but I was really very surprised when I saw Cettina, who began to wash Kira as she would with a kitten. And all of this is renewed every evening. Now they sleep nearby, almost embrace it, and unlikely to happen that they fight, even if the dog is always playful and lively, and the cat after a while you get tired. But they have found their harmony and they respect each other. Indeed, it's funny to occasionally see Cettina, which is good for ambushes Kira to play, whereas before she always tried to avoid it.

Animals, cats, or dogs, are a completion of our family. I could not think of living without. Stray or breed, large or small, give us so much joy and happiness and above all lots of love.


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