My experience with sites for gain subscribers on youtube.

Gain youtube subscribers Gain youtube subscribers may be frustrating a few times and so often it is aimed at sites that are appropriate but this is real or is simple a legend?

Recently youtube, for reasons unknown to me, has decided that you can not monetize your channel unless you have at least 1000 subscribers. I guess youtube has had its good reasons for such a choice, but this has opened up a market to sites that sell subscriptions and like.


These sites are generally partners with each other and do the same thing. They offer free and paid plans to increase visits, comments, like and gain youtube subscribers. They also offer services for some social networks. I will not mention the names of these sites because I do not want to go wrong but this is my real experience and I write because I want to help you understand.

Even though I am convinced that using these methods is a wrong and unhelpful method, I wanted to try the same free service and the paid service to see if it really is worth it. Most of the quality videos we see on youtube are in fact sponsored. For many people, it has become a real job.

Searching for sub, actually distracts from the primary goal of creating high quality videos for an increasingly demanding audience. To search for the subscriptions you need, if you do not have a very big channel, many spend whole days in front of the PC in the hope of getting to the famous goal. There are channels dedicated to social networks and also specific channels that “promise” thousands of registrations.

So for this reason, like other users, I’ve decided to try this free and paid service. As for channel subscriptions, these sites offer different types of service.

I tried the starter service for a month and the enterprise service for 2 months. The article refers to the situation of three months at the time the article was published. If you see that the article is very old, things could be changed.

The Starter free pack offer to gain: 10 subs in 12 hours, 10 likes in 12 hours, sub & like 20 channels back. You can activate the plan every 12 hours but I have activated it once a day, then once every 24 hours. I decided, before investing sums of money, to do it on a test channel. If I had been banned from the channel I would have lost all my work.

If we make a calculation based on what they write, activating the plan every 24 hours, I should earn about 30 subscribers per day, so in just over a month, if I activate it every day, I should have 1000 subscribers. So for an active month this plan every day and surprisingly the number of my subscribers begins to increase in my channel. On sites, it is written that users who are disqualified after enrollment will be banned from the system. However, I noticed that the number of subscribers at a certain point came down and so I thought it was due to fake, banned accounts or being disinherited after receiving my subscription.

I was in a situation where, not only did I not receive the subscriptions I thought I received, but my subscriptions dropped every day, even though I regularly activated their free offer. However, I decided to give confidence to their system and activated the paid Enterprise subscription for two month.

I must say that I did not notice any change, I should have received a lot of subscriptions but the number of subscribers to my channel stopped after a month. This is because they may not have enough channels in their databases. In fact, when I decided to drop my subscription to the enterprise service by sending an email to my customer service, I tried to use the free service. I noticed that several channels had my “like” but did not have my subscription.

When you use their system to gain youtube subscribers, it forces you to subscribe to the channel and forces you to put the video at the same time. This means that the channel I previously subscribed to, removed the subscription from my channel and was not banned as provided by the terms of use.

I thought it was an isolated case, but it happened to me in the following days with many other channels. They put my subscription and took it away after some time. Also, I often hear about channels I have already enrolled, which means that there are not enough channels to justify a paid system.

With free method for gain youtube subscribers, the counter sometimes is bugged and also skips more numbers. In this way you lose the amount of subscriptions. If you don’t complete totally the subscription the counter stays the number you left before, so lose the reset and wait for the next 12 hours.

Summing up, if you need to reach 1000 subscribers on your youtube channel and you only miss 50, use this system for free. They will provide you the 50 subscribers you need. If you have to start from scratch, forget about it with the pay system does not work anyway.

If you want to create a youtube channel and gain youtube subscribers, I recommend that you follow these steps:
1. Enter categorized, sorted, original, and high quality content.
2. Studied SEO strategies for indexing and copying tactics from other popular channels;
3. Be honest with your subscribers, a good method is also the sub4sub if you are in good relationships with other youtubers.

With time I would like to add more articles about youtube, follow me!