Electric service of the National ends, passage to the free market

Today the Lord is calling me to the telephone office and informs me that they represent "the free market". Ask to speak with the owner and he informs me that I am with Enel Energy.

I answered that I do not know how he came to know that I am with Enel Energia's Free Market. I wish to inform you that I have passed already from the time the Electric Service of the National.

With natural tranquility, he informs me that the Electric Service National, in the context of the "Greater Protection" is closing, and then informs me that a representative will visit me for me to choose between the various services of the free market.

He explains to me that the step is required because the Electric Service National will be dismissed. I ask you not to send me anyone, I note that my number is registered in the register of the opposition. I ask him from what company is calling me and how it is called. He gives me the name of the person who should come to see me, and tells me that they represent "ALL" the free market.

After you have made it clear that what I was interested in has greeted me and has hung up the handset of the phone.

To understand then, as is my habit, I called the toll-free number of the electric service of the national. She responded with a very polite operator who confirms to me the following:

  1. The Service from the National power sooner or later will be disposed;
  2. The date has been extended to 2019;
  3. The date has been extended many times and then still do not know when will be the definitive one. When that happens I will be notified to time from the Service National Electrical so that I can choose a new operator.
  4. Probably it was an agent working for different firms that gave the assignment to a call center to call people to go around and enter into new contracts.

I understand that should work too, but make you believe that it is a legal requirement, something I don't know how it could be considered noble.

The summary of the speech is that these people not only had the title legally represent the entire free market, they wanted to make me believe that I should be forced by law to switch to one of their companies by posing as a service-level "institutional".

I leave to you the various considerations and comments. I hope this information was useful and be sure to always enter into the contract knowingly.

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