National Electric Service closes, compulsory switch to free market

I am writing this article in English in the hope of helping foreigners in Italy not to bargain at unscrupulous call centers.

Today a man with a strong foreign accent calls me to the office phone and informs me that they represent “the free market of energy”. He asks to speak with the owner and informs me that I have Enel Energia contract.

I told him I do not know how he know that I have an Enel Energia Free Market contact. I inform him that I have long since passed to the National Electric Service.

With natural tranquility, he informs me that the National Electric Service, under the “Guardianship Service”, is closing down and informs me that an agent will come to me to allow me to choose between the various free market services.

He explains that the passage is compulsory because the National Electric Service will be discharged. I ask him not to send anybody to me, let he know that my number is registered in the opposition register. I ask him what company is calling me and how it is called. He gives me the name of the person who should come and find me they represent “ALL” the free market.

After making it clear that I was not interested in it, he greeted me and hung up the phone’s handset.

So to understand how my habit is, I called the national number of the national electricity service. A very nice operator answered me, which confirms me the following:

  1. The National Electric Service will sooner or later be decommissioned;
  2. The date was extended to 2019;
  3. The date has been extended so many times so you still do not know when it will be the final one. When this happens I will be informed in time by the National Electric Service so that I can choose a new operator.
  4. Probably it was a multi-agent agent who gave to the call center to call people to go about entering new contracts.

I understand that they have to work for them too, but to make it believe that it is a legal obligation for something like this I do not know how noble it can be.

The summary of the speech is that these people not only did not have the title to legally represent the entire free market, they wanted me to believe that I was forced by law to go to one of their companies pretending to be an “institutional” service.

I leave to you the various considerations and comments. I hope that you have been useful and always make sure that you make the contracts consciously.