Recipe of the typical sicilian sweets

The typical sicilian sweets are really many, so much so as to deserve an article just for them. Sweet are complex and some are not easy to execute, but all very beautiful, decorated with taste and very good to eat. Then parade of typical sicilian pastries from the famous cannoli to sicilian cassata alla siciliana, almond paste, or marzipan, and many others. Let's start with the sicilian cannoli, a dessert truly known in all over the world.

Cannoli alla siciliana

Need for sicilian cannoli

Preparation of cannoli alla siciliana

Let's start by preparing the cannoli, which then will be stuffed with the ricotta, and the dough for the cannoli, go prepared several hours before and left to rest in the refrigerator. We recommend at least 6 hours.

In a bowl mix the flour with the sugar, the lard, the egg, beaten, two tablespoons of white wine vinegar, Marsala, the grated orange peel and the cinnamon powder, mixing it all together and working with your hands to form a dough rather hard and elastic. Wrap the dough in cling film and put in the fridge for a few hours.

Remove from refrigerator, knead the dough with hands and cut into many smaller pieces that are to be laid with a rolling pin to form a sheet rather fine. With the cup by breakfast forming so many circles that need to be a bit elongated so as to form an oval.

At this point, to be able to fry the cannoli are metal cylinders that are just for this use and will need as many cannoli we want to do, as before, remove the cannoli already fried from the cylinder, it must be completely cold.

The ovals of dough that we have prepared to be wrapped around these cylinders, and when they will be all ready with the yolk of an egg beaten to brush the surface. Let stand a few minutes before frying the cannoli, then submerge them in plenty of peanut oil for about half a minute, turning constantly, pass them and then on absorbent paper to remove excess oil.

While they cool, prepare the filling.

Sieve the ricotta and work with the electric whisk to incorporate the sugar.

Fill the cannoli, which you removed from the metal cylinders, with the ricotta and garnish the two parties with chocolate drops or chopped pistachios or sliced candied orange and bring it to the table.

Sicilian Cassata

And’ the queen of the sicilian pastry, is very well known internationally and has a unique taste, the only downside is that it's a concentrate of the sugars are not indifferent.

Its preparation is not easy and is rather long.

Required for the cassata siciliana


The preparation of the sicilian cassata

You have to start to prepare the sponge cake, the ricotta the day before. The sponge, because you will cut more easily without crumble, ricotta initially go made to drain well to remove most of the whey, then it is to be mixed with sugar and covered by a sheet of transparent film and put in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours.

We prepare then the sponge.

For this recipe we will need a dough mixer or electric whisk, as the dough must be worked long.

Then in a bowl break the eggs, remove the seeds inside your vanilla pod and add them to the eggs, put a pinch of salt and begin to beat the eggs by adding slowly the sugar. The mixture should be frothy and increased in volume, it will take about 15 minutes. When the mixture is ready, add the flour and the potato flour, working the dough with a wooden spoon very gently from below to prevent eggs unmount. Once all mixed put it in a cake pan previously buttered and floured, and cook it in a preheated oven at 160 degrees for about 50 minutes. Once cooled, keep it at room temperature covered by a transparent film for at least 12 hours.

Prepare now for the pasta reale, or marzipan. In a pan dissolve the sugar with water and cook on low heat until the sugar has dissolved. Add the almond paste and green food colouring. Remove from the heat just blended the ingredients and put the dough onto a plane where it just cold will be worked with the hands until the dough is soft and smooth.To mix good to use if you need a little icing sugar instead of flour. With a rolling pin to flatten the dough until you get a sheet of 7 - 8 mm of thickness. We prepare now the syrup to the rum that will wet both the marzipan to the sponge. Mix the water and the rum and sugar is ready to use. We start now the construction of the cassata. Cut the sponge cake in 3 discs of the same thickness. One of the three disks go, cut in strips both vertical and horizontal, in order to get the small trapezzi. Equally must be made with the pasta of pasta reale, or marzipan. This pieces alternate will serve to cover the edge of the pan, which in this case is special, in fact the edge of the cakes is a-line style. Once you have covered the entire board to put on the bottom of the pan another entire disc of sponge cake. Both the edge and the bottom at this point, are moistened with the syrup to the rum, making sure to distribute it evenly over the entire surface. With a sharp knife, remove the excess part of the pieces that protrude from the edge of the pan. Take now the ricotta cheese that had been put in the refrigerator and throw it a couple of times in a sieve to make it a soft dough and smooth, stirring add the chocolate drops. With a spoon put the mixture of ricotta cheese to stuff the cake layer with a spatula. Crumble the pan of Spain advanced, and the one cut by the edges and place it on top of the ricotta, leveling for good. Cover with cling film and leave to rest for at least two or three hours in the refrigerator. Now the cassata, go, turn over a tray and goes to the finishing. Prepare the icing to cover the entire cake. Place the sugar and water in a saucepan over a low heat and let cook, stirring until the mixture is white and creamy which is applied on the entire surface of the cassata cake is still warm so that you rapprenda just smeared. As soon as cooled off, decorate the cassata with candied fruit and assorted and put in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

Bread orange sicilian

Need for the bread of orange sicilian

for the frosting:

The preparation of the bread of orange sicilian

Mix together the eggs and sugar with electric whisk until the mixture is fluffy. Join the plan the plan the softened butter, the flour and the sachet of yeast for cakes.

With a mixer, finely chop the orange, which we first washed and cut into pieces. Add the minced orange rind to the mixture and stir well to mix everything. Put the mixture in a springform pan or into a greased bread tin and in a preheated oven at 160 degrees for about 50 minutes.

Prepare in the meantime the frosting. Dissolve the sugar in the juice of an orange to get a sort of syrup with which to brush the surface of the cake after removed from the oven. Garnish with small pieces to candied oranges.

Almond paste biscuits sicilian

Resources for cookies with almond paste sicily

Preparation of cookies with almond paste sicily

Chop very finely with a mixer with the peeled almonds, add the sugar, the whites of 2 eggs, the grated peel of half a lemon and the aroma of almonds and chop it to mix well. The end result is a compound that is hard enough with which to obtain balls of dough that will be crushed with the hands by putting a candied cherry. Once ready, the biscuits are placed in a baking dish rather distanced and covered with the transparent film to be placed in the refrigerator for at least 7 hours. After this time, put the pan in the oven already hot at 180 degrees for about ten minutes. Remove from the oven when they are golden, slightly and serve once they are cooled.

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