Reflecting sitting on the couch

I am here today, sitting on the couch, reflecting with the laptop on the right leg. Are on break from work for lunch. I decided to dedicate these few minutes of free time to write some reflection. I also need to take a bit of time for me without feeling obliged to do something.

I took so many of those commitments to myself that I can not find a time of day that I can do what I want and relax. It may also be that I'm getting older. When I was young, people older than me have always told me that it would have been different at a certain age. Even if I knew, I didn't know how much of it was true.

It's not even safe to post on this page. For the moment I relax and write. I don't think I'll have the time to correct my text and so I hope you forgive me if I commit some error in the grammar. I know that you're reading and laughing! I'm talking to you!

Time flies twenty minutes have gone by when I sat on the couch. Well-known, the elapsed time from the charge level of my laptop. It is incredible that in the year 2017, the manufacturers to build even a portable computer with a battery that lasts so little. I think they call it portable because they are easy to transport (sometimes).

I hope that the manufacturers build in a day "laptops usable". One day I'll write a review on my laptop, so maybe the producer reading it will want to consider the idea of increasing the autonomy.

This evening, after work, I will prepare the "pasta alla matriciana". It is a good recipe, maybe one day, if I can find a bit of time, I will write the recipe. Of course, I don't eat so well every night. Today I have a few friends my guests to dinner.

Have you noticed that our lives are affected of the work that we do? You may say to me: this is normal. But I'll tell you that life should not be just a job, we waste the moments "best" of the day working. You realize that we only have one life? Anyway, what can we do? Maybe once, a long time ago, life was harder, but I am still convinced that as difficult as it was, for certain aspects, it was much more enjoyable.

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