Reflections sitting on the couch

Today I’m here, sitting on the couch with the laptop on the right leg. I’m paused from work for lunch. I decided to devote these few minutes of free time to writing a few reflections. I also need to take some time for myself without feeling obliged to do something.

I have taken so many of those commitments with myself that I can hardly find a moment of the day I can do what I want to relax. It may also be that I am aging. When I was young, the older people of me always told me that it would be different at some age. Even though I knew this, I did not realize how true it was.

Someone might think of the question: How are you writing in English if you are Italian? It is no longer fashionable to write his own reflections on blogs, especially in the age of social networks.

Maybe writing reflections as if it were a personal diary in Italian would give me the feeling of being a bit immature and silly. So, I like to think that this is some sort of exercise to improve my knowledge of English. I currently believe that it is the dominant language on the web.

I’m not even sure I’ll post this page. For the moment I just relax and write. I do not think I will have time to correct my English and so I hope you will forgive me if I’m wrong in grammar. I know you’re reading and laughing! I’m talking to you!

Time flies, twenty minutes have passed since I sat on the couch. I notice the time it takes for my laptop to be recharged. It is unbelievable that in the year 2017, they build laptops with such a short charge power. I think they call laptops just because they are easy to carry (sometimes).

I hope that manufacturers will also build “usable mobile computers” one day. One day I will write a review about my laptop so maybe, I will have my revenge about battery low!

This evening, after work, I will prepare the “pasta alla matriciana”. It’s a very good Italian recipe, maybe one day, if I can find some time, I’ll write the recipe for that too. Of course, I do not eat so well every night. Today I have some friends my guests at dinner. It’s an opportunity to watch for an hour and then all in bed early as if we were chickens.

Have you noticed that our lives are in line with the work we do? You will tell me: It’s normal. But I tell you that life should not be just work, we waste the “best” moments of the day working. Do you realize we have one life alone? Anyway, what can we do? Maybe once, a long time ago, life was tougher, but I’m still convinced that for as long as the life was, it was more like men.

Now, maybe you might think: Italians who do not want to work! First of all, I do not represent all the Italians. I do not have, I do not want and I do not deserve this responsibility. In fact, Italy is full of persa like me who work 66 hours a week. Someone certainly works 8 hours, others work 6, others less and others at all. But anyway I feel the need to break myth and stereotype that Italians do not work.

3 commenti su “Reflections sitting on the couch”

  1. Well…I pretty agree with you about working issues, we should not devote most of the times to work only. How is perfect if we can divide our time properly; at least, for who we love. According to Italian stereotypes, I have no comment until I know them well and I am looking forward to seeing “pasta alla matriciana” recipe.
    Lastly, I appreciate to read your diaries.

  2. Your observations about time passing so true. Just glad you manage to find a moment to pause and reflect on life. And as to personal diaries, still nothing better has been invented to record our lives. Even if they have a new form, of a blog for instance, still serve the same purpose.


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