Registration and login, the first steps

Registration and login procedure is very simple. In this post i will show how to. You can also read the official documentation about it. The first time you view the site, you’ll immediately see a window at the top right to ask if you want to receive notifications from the site. You can agree by clicking on the first button, then postpone the choice by clicking the second button and you can decide not to see this message again by expanding the arrow to the right.

If you decide to accept, at the bottom right of your browser or computer, you will see updates about adding content to this site.You can still decide to change your choice by clicking on the circular red bell icon on the right.

You will also notice a black banner at the top of the site, this banner informs you that we use cookies and if you want to continue using the site you must agree to the terms of use, the cookie policy and the privacy policy. You can close this banner simply by clicking on the “X” at the top right or continuing with the navigation.

After you can click on “Login” link, insert username and password and click on login button. You will see the admin panel where you can manage your posts, photo, media, comments and profile.

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