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Wordpress, how to remove the meta box plugin related post from the edit panel post

This plugin "related post" add related articles at the end of your articles. The plugin also allows you to filter by the type and author of the articles by creating a metabox in the area of backend.

It can also be useful to disable this feature if you want to maintain an interface in the backend for publishing items clean and without too many features that might confuse the end user.

If you want you can disable this feature for users that have the interface is unlocked by inserting the following code in the file functions.php :

I suggest creating a child theme where to put this code. Any subsequent updates can overwrite the code.

The format I used also serves to remove other features in the section of the post, I have written other articles that talk about it.

Avoid the use of this standard code to hide the other metabox, because in this case it will not work.

I tried this modification with the plugin version 2.0.2. Before this change, be Sure to make a backup, be sure that you know what you're doing well and make sure that the function names do not conflict with other names already present in the code.

Use this guide if you know what you're doing, I take no responsibility.

// 2019-06-29 - 2019-06-29 // @ignistech #technology #computertechnology #programming #cms #wordpress

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