Solution to steam problem with telecom, vodafone, fastweb, etc …

I have decided to write this article to help all those users who have subscribed to the fiber with modem provided by the operator, encounter problems with steam and various associated games. Among the problems we can mention, for example, that of the steam browser that does not make us see the list of favorite servers etc … Someone suggests on the internet the classic solution that is port mapping but is not enough because nat is undoubtedly moderate.

Having the telecom fiber, I will, for convenience, insert data for the telecom connection, which however vary from supplier to supplier. You can still call them by calling your connection provider.

In short, with “closed” steam:
1. Control Panel \ Network and Internet \ Network and Sharing Center.
2. Select “Configure New Network Connection”.
3. In the window that opens, select “Connect to the Internet” and click “Next”.
4. In the next window, click “Configure a New Connection”.
5. In the next window, create a “new connection” and click “Next”.
6. In the next window, select “Broadband (PPPoE)”.
7. In the next window in your user name, write (without quotation marks) “aliceadsl” and as the “aliceadsl” password. Select store passwords, give a name for the connection, for example “Nat” and click on “Connect”.

The PC will try to connect and soon after you will see the icon on the right that will tell you that you are connected to the “Nat” connection.

At this point, open Steam-View-Server and you should properly view the servers in your favorite list. This procedure unlocks nat naturally for all games as well.

Remember to reconnect by right-clicking on the bottom right icon because the connection is not permanent and may sometimes log off.

I hope I was helpful!

I also add a video that explains the procedure better.