The Affenpinscher dog breed

This is a very nice breed of dog, however, it is not a widespread breed even if its motivation is not understood. It is a dog quite suitable for children, very affectionate, loyal and faithful. It is not particularly predisposed to obedience but nevertheless falls within the normal parameters of a companion dog. 

Affenpinscher History

This breed originated in Germany where it was fairly common in the twentieth century. It has always been selected by hard-haired companion dogs. The disposition of the hair and the shape of the muzzle recalls the appearance of a monkey in fact the name means really dog ​​from the ground with the face of a monkey.

Affenpinscher character

This breed has a character very similar to terriers, with these dogs it shares the predisposition to movement and sweetness. He has a tendency to become very attached to his master who follows wherever he goes. Being a purely pet breed, it suffers a lot from loneliness and therefore whole days should never be left alone at home. With the terriers it also has in common the integrated alarm system. That is, shoot at any strange noise and alert the whole neighborhood. This feature makes it a much appreciated dog as a dog alert by the owners and a little less by the neighbors. He is also a very effective hunter, in the beginning, when the hygiene of the houses was not the current one, he identified the small rodents and made sure that they did not infest the farms too much. Another common feature with terriers is that it is a stubborn, bold and pander dog.

Affenpinscher Intelligence

There is no single parameter to measure intelligence that is undoubtedly in part the result of selection but also of a subjectivity and stimulation that the dog has throughout its entire existence, especially as a puppy. We do not like statistics and it is certainly not the purpose of this article to correlate the intelligence of a particular breed. But scientists from many parts of the world have done it but we will talk about it in another article.

It is a dog, however, intelligent enough to be trained by an expert hand but it will hardly transcend its nature. In a nutshell, it is a pet dog that is perfectly capable of adapting to the family, but it needs to be socialized a lot especially with other dogs.

Children and Affenpinscher 

With an affenpinscher at home, there is no need to worry if you have children as long as they are not too small and as long as there is an adult to watch. This is not a very patient dog. The speech changes with the various objects that this can find around that could destroy puppy species. Normally, being a pet breed, many people adopt it thinking they can always leave it alone at home. This is never true under any circumstances and for any dog. Even the affenpinscher has the imperative need to move and play, perhaps with the children. 

Affenpinscher predispositions

As we have previously specified, since most likely this breed was initially obtained from hunting dogs similar to rough-haired terriers, it retains the predisposition for hunting compatibility with its dimensions. It is very suitable for the family if followed as a pup by an experienced educator.

Affenpinscher Hair

Grooming care is very important for all dogs and especially for pets. The hair of this breed is quite demanding and sometimes a professional groomer will be required. To those who decide to keep this dog at home, we recommend an even more scrupulous treatment due to the fact that it is always a dog that will have to come into contact with all family members, including the youngest. We recommend at least daily and much more frequent grooming during the moulting period.

Affenpinscher feeding

Although it is a molossoid, it is still a small dog and it is therefore sufficient to feed it as a puppy with appropriate feed three times a day and as an adult twice a day. We advise you to feed it at times other than yours, otherwise it will acquire the bad habit of begging for food. It is enough to resist the temptation to feed him while he is having lunch to prevent him from claiming it as an adult. During the moulting period, it is recommended, compatibly with the instructions of the veterinarian, an integration of mineral salts.

Affenpinscher health 

Like any companion dog, we recommend periodic intimate hygiene using special moistened tissues and thorough dental hygiene. In fact, due to the particular shape of its teeth it could develop tartar. Moreover it is a very delicate dog from the intestinal point of view and it is in fact for this reason that we recommend specific feeds for small dogs.

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