The Game of Thrones Party – The Winter Came

Eventually, winter has come. We immediately clarify that I am one of those  people who had paid to participate in the event, when I write this article, I have no relationship with the organizers and I do not know them at all. If by chance I should have some of them among facebook friends, it’s because I like to participate in similar affairs about the cosplay world to take some photos or for organizational purposes as a “customer” regarding the event itself.

This is the first of the series of articles I’ve decided to write on this blog to tell you about my experiences with similar events  which I will be attending.

I will then tell you our experience (I was in company). I was able to find parking space very close to the place where the event advertised with the name was: The Winter Is Coming – Game of Throne Party in Florence. I did not understand much about this party, I did not even know if it was outdoors or indoors.

There was also another similar party in the province of Prato with the name Valar Morghulis / GOT Party. I read several negative comments about it. Apparently, they have the same  issues. However, for the latter I can not speak because I was not there. I do not even know if they are the same organizers. The day was still the same.

We cross the entrance leading us through the room overlooking the square where we would have dined. We get in line for the entry, the queue proceeds fairly fast. The environment is nice and the mood of people, including mine, is pretty good. I personally participate in this kind of event just for that.

We quickly receive the bracelet and we are brought to our tables. The person accompanying me at this event tells me at this point that she feels she has reason to be puzzled. In fact, she expected the tables to be under the tents to protect us from the expected bad weather.

I do not take much of a chance because I hope for the best and I try to enjoy the evening. I was very curious because, in my opinion, this is a very courageous and original initiative. There were many people dressed in themes and the space seemed adequate to the amount of people they needed to accommodate. In fact, some seats on the margins are still empty.

I thought that they would bring us the supper shortly, I would look at other tables that were flat and I supposed dinner would begin when most of the queue at the entrance had been disposed of. After about half an hour, I know that there were people who brought something to the tables and through a microphone inform us that for drinks and for food, it is advisable to do it by yourself.

As I was taking some photographs of the firefighters performing, those who accompanied me went to take something to eat. Then I returned to the assigned table and waited for twenty minutes. I noticed that people complained about the food and drink.

The dishes that were made available were dessert dishes and they could have been prepared in less than thirty minutes in a row to fill them. So one person could fill his plate, fill his glass with something and return to his place. In fact, with regard to food and drinks, expecting a couple of extra files would not have been a bad idea I think.

I liked the animation, with a number of non-indifferent figures and I particularly enjoyed the attitude of the organization to our animal friends who could attend the banquet. In fact, in a closed place, this would not have been possible. I could see the presence of Czechoslovak wolves and also a Jack Russell Terrier (mine).

The menu included various types of drinks, onions, fish, tomato soup and boiled eggs. Someone told us that there should have been chicken with potatoes but that was finished right away. The quality of the food and the ingredients were excellent. Of course, being a medieval lunch you could not wait for files of waiters leading to whole boar tables. Especially considering the price of the ticket and the prices we have around the various restaurants.

We do not forget that animation, catering, instrumentation, setting and everything else cost a lot. Not to mention the time and the preparations that surely had been made with the best intentions and with all the passion and will possible. Also, if the rain had ruined Lucca Commics, I would certainly not claim a refund. With all the money you spend in slots then.

During dinner, it was possible to listen to an interview with the Italian lover of John Snow.

Unfortunately at some point, a gusp of wind announced the end of the evening in advance. The rain came in torrents and at an incredible pace. We decided to return home because with damp clothes we were scared to catch a bronchitis.

I cannot tell you what happened afterwards because I was not there but they informed me that although time has decimated the number of people present, someone still stayed to celebrate.

I guess the others have been wise enough to go home or dry up somehow. Before leaving, I noticed some emotion from the participants and also from the organizers. Emotivity that was also expressed in active comments on the event page, some of which have been removed.

I still feel like encouraging initiatives of this kind because I think they are very special and very beautiful. I would like to think that both the organization and the participants have not been so reluctant to give up this type of events that in other far-off places are almost on the agenda and make us forget for a few moments the palms of life . However, in Italy, compared to other countries, there are not so many.

This is my experience, contrary to the opinion of most people today, I must say that the evening did not look bad, I was really happy and relaxed. I personally do not know if I could have organized it better but I feel profane to give you a few tips if I can:

  1. Organize this kind of event during milder periods;
  2. Immediately define a unique catering system (served or self service) and find a way to make it as efficient and quick as possible;
  3. If bad weather is anticipated, invest in renting open tendons on the sides as is often the case at some fairs;
  4. Focus on less attractions to reduce costs, according to me a simple theme party with less people dressed is more manageable and effective. I would have seen the presence of a medieval dance school, a master who engages people with the right feel and the guest of honor, John Snow’s voice, possibly dressed as a theme dinner with the others.

We arrived at the end of my article, this morning, reading the news, I learned that bad weather has created great discomforts and tragedies in other places that are far greater than this. To them, my sincerity is most sincere.

Feel free to comment on this article but I will only approve comments with no insults and manifestations of unjustified emotion. I’m sure next time will be better.