The hypotheses of rude customers

Dear friends, today I will tell you about an experience that has affected my sensitivity. I state that in the space of 14 years, I have only had a vacation that can be considered decent. Since I am very attentive to customers, before taking a week off, I have set up a call transfer on my mobile so that I can always be found. I received a good number of calls and I always answered everyone.

What happened

On the penultimate day I notice a call on my cell phone from a number I don't know, so I assume it's a phone call from a customer or supposed one. I recall this number and a woman who did not speak Italian answered me. With great difficulty this woman asks me what I want to sell. I replied that I don't want to sell anything and that I simply called back because I received a call from that number. The woman then hands me a guy who speaks my language, spego to him who I am. He asks me for a price, after I tell him the price he replies that I was earning an X figure (very high figure he randomly said by looking on the internet), he adds that we make a nice AMMUCCHINO and then without giving me the opportunity to reply to me closes the phone in his face.

My reaction

I remain as a fool with a cell phone in my hand and a hint of tears that wet my eyelids. The problem is that unfortunately we do not realize the costs of a shopkeeper and we do not realize how little we earn. People should understand that nobody puts their earnings on the internet and therefore looking at a small page is almost always not a reliable source of information. I have always been very attached to work, I went to work that I was in pieces, I always paid all the taxes and when I take a week off I have to be insulted like this?

Why this is a problem

I know it's crap but it hit my sensitivity a lot, tell me if I'm exaggerated. I understand that it is part of the game to take insults, I always worked like a mule and I always took insults but now I'm tired. Tired of insults, tired of preconceptions and stereotypes, tired of trudging every day. This war between the poor is enough!Let me know if I'm too exaggerated in the comments or if I have at least a little bit of reason.

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