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One of the things that makes me enter the most in a crisis is when I see the receipt of the stock of registered letters. Not that he ever did something bad or serious, but having to wait for time to withdraw the letter, is one thing that makes me go to sleep. From what I've read online, this is one thing that unites many people in my same conditions. The reason for which this receipt is not inserted, the sender remains a mystery. When certain types of recommended could send just the classic postal service, browsing the internet was and is possible to find indications regarding the sender and especially to the type of recommended.

This is not so for the recommended Nexive that they have a code all their own and are not able to find an interpretation by researching on the internet.


By grasping in the hand of this receipt of stock of the letter, I read that the courier NEXIVE. Going to see on the site, I discovered that it is a private operator in postal in Italy. So it is one of the many postal operators that there are in Italy now.

Aspect receipt of a registered letter, electronic

The receipt was wrapped in a letter in blue and the thing I seemed at once strange because I never received a letter like that. I also noticed that there was a receipt that was traditional but there was also written that it was possible to collect electronically and through a code of the registered letter directly from their site. I thanked the sky, because the waiting is destroying my and I went straight to my computer to see what was going on. I entered the details as I will explain later, and I realized that this registered can be visible on the site, for reasons that to me are beyond, just the day after.

As you view the details of this registered letter

As I said before, like any other letter, this one has a bar code that can be inserted in the website of the company to view when you can the details of the letter. It will not be possible to see the sender, but at least you will be able to see the city of the office where it was mailed the registered letter. Then you go to the website of nexive https://www.formulacerta.it/Tracking-Spedizioni-Nexive.aspx and write in the appropriate field in the code below the bar code of the receipt of the registered letter, then click on find.

nexive mittente raccomandata da codice raccomandata

There is also the possibility to enter the customer code or the customer reference, the first should be present on the receipt of the electronic registered mail that has left the postman in the mailbox of letters, but to me it has never worked.

nexive mittente raccomandata da codice cliente

If you have the patience to wait for the time indicated in the receipt and you have received an electronic registered mail you can download it directly from the site which is also indicated in the letter accompanying the receipt which will also contain the pin to be inserted at the time of viewing. Usually it is to wait until midnight like I did.

Some small recommendation

I know that receiving the receipt of the registered letter and you do not know who is the sender for many, including me, can be a huge source of stress. Everyone knows what can be the issues behind the message of the genre because everyone knows the history of his own. Most of the time, however, should avoid panic because for example, if the sender has sent from Milan, and you have never been to Milan, or at least not recently, there is the possibility that there may be a simple bill.

Someone says that the postmen and many times get the wrong letter box when they deliver the mail and I was told that it is not uncommon for the neighbors and then not deliver at all these talloncini or these letters to the intended recipients. Although this is a crime, it is very difficult to test it.

The domiciliation of the bills is a great step forward in this sense, if you have the availability in the bank, the board of home on your account all the bills to avoid these unpleasant communications that by their nature are a source of stress for people who are more sensitive, and honest above all.

I do not know the reason for which the receipts are advised not to have printed, along with other information such as the name and surname of the recipient, the code tracking of the message, etc, also the sender. As the receipts can only be posted in the letter box that must be locked with a key, I do not know what could be the risk to privacy. For a person sensitive and honest, in fact, it would be much better to know who is the sender. If you were, for example, an electricity supplier that tells us that we have forgotten to pay a bill, it would be much less stressful for the recipient.

If you have any question, feel free to comment on this article and I will gladly answer to the best of my knowledge and skills about (they are those of a simple private citizen which I am).

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