The toys and pastime of the internet

Tonight I beat Rancid at level 471, the evil raccoon of a game that I do on the internet, that wants to spread all over the place a nice layer of cement without thinking of all those poor vegetables and the animals which would take away the land. It is a great satisfaction, are two weeks I try.

I admit, even I am not immune from the so-called toys pastime that rage on the internet, in fact I would say that I over-use and abuse as I have always one at hand and to which I dedicate at least half an hour per day. But I say to myself to comfort me a bit that I need to relax after a busy day. Are only 5 lives, that we want to finish them and then you have to wait a while to get them back and be able to play again, so there is no danger that you ipnotizzi and we're who knows how long.

But they are mere illusions.

in the meantime, keep under control the ranking. At the beginning there are many of your contacts who play it, then passing level by level you assoltigliano more and more. So at the beginning when you beat someone, share, share, share all happy thinking "Yay I cheated, and I want to let you know". Then one day I came a nagging thought. Looking at the ranking, I realized that there were only two of those levels to play, and I thought of my contact: "always here to play, but don't have a life?" Capers, and if someone had thought the same thing of me? But I have a life, I said to myself, and also satisfactory, but since that time I have not shared any results on the games that I do.

From morning to evening

The alarm clock rings, I wake up. The I always put a little bit in advance because I like to dwell in the toilet before facing the day. And it is the time on the phone, and my first game of Burraco, for those not familiar is a card game very intriguing and it also gives me the satisfaction seen that the month-on-month am always the first places in the ranking. And you can swear that at any time of the day and night you will always find someone to make a good game.

Sometimes, however, the situation is that if I think about it makes me very laugh. In the morning around 7, sitting on the toilet, that game of cards. And I think that maybe even my opponent, or the opponent is in the same my situation at that time. It is not comedian? Two adults, (yes, because this game is mainly for adults, but for anzianotti, as I say, I) on the toilet in the morning playing cards. I remember the good times when in the bathroom in the morning and fetch a good book.

I digress, and wish to remain in technology you could do even now, on the mobile phone one can read books in abundance. But for me the play is better. Lasts a short time, ten maybe fifteen minutes if you find an opponent who must think 30 seconds each move, which is good, and then look at the clock, if you have time do another otherwise finish and prepare, and exit.

However on this game there would be more to say. First of all, with respect to toys and other patterns, in which there is no chat. on this there is. I find it annoying, I at least when I play I just play, chat distracts me and does not allow me to follow the scheme that I proposed. Instead, a lot of people like. Okay a greeting, a good morning to which I always answer, but then just. And being a woman unfortunately, just answer the greeting that begins the usual questions. What's your name, how old are you, what do you do in your life.

At this point, and we had to find a solution and then I put a avatar of an old man, in the description of male and luckily the usual demands at this point are almost gone. Almost, however, someone still insists, and at that point the shot a nice "I 78 years," and as if by magic, all is silent. And, I say, but they would not do before all of these talkative, curious to go in some chat meetings, and ask all the questions you want?

Then there are other various moments in the day in which to play a game 10 minutes you need to distract you and relax you.

But the evening is the real protagonist for this kind of things.

After dinner, tidied the house, watched the news, (because it is always good to stay informed on what is happening in the world), you'll want to turn off the tv because you don't find anything satisfying, and at that point, or I'll get to watch a movie or a television series on one of the platforms that are there now, or go to the pc and find something to spend a couple of hours. And it is at this point that if you don't decide for a night out or a movie that you immerse yourself in a role-playing game or online multiplayer, or strategy or war.

Role-playing games

Role-playing games on the internet there are many and play this type of games means pretending to be someone else, even if this is a generic definition, but adapts to all types of role-playing games.

So you're in a fantasy world, often the world of the Lord of the Rings, where you can be an elf or a dwarf or a hobbit, or many other races of fantasy. These games are usually played through a forum, and wear your personaggioti find to interact writing with so many other players and this creates situations where the player's imagination is the key to the success or not of your character. And be interesting being able to identify totally with the character you play is the real fun of these games.

In these games you start to form congregations, or corporations to which the players aspire to enter, but to do so you need to be good. However, this type of game is no longer very fashionable, preferring the public at large, of player different games.

Role-playing games multiplayer online

Online games on the pc, but in this case, you make a character and see it directly on the screen that moves, acts and performs all of the actions that you want him to do, all this in a fantastic world populated by monsters, fairies, ogres, etc etc

There is a fantastic game that has enthralled millions of people around the world, and has interested me.

They gave ME the game for my sons for Christmas, and honestly I had a lot of desire, didn't inspire me all that much that game. In fact, he installed and we played one of my children. Then I decided to try it since he assured me that was very intriguing. So I made a character, one gnometto, in fact gnome and I started playing. The scenery was very beautiful, was a landscape with lots of snow and sometimes it was snowing also. The early game is very simple, all you have to do the missions that you are assigned and during which you find items that you need to have best clothes, best weapons, etc

But the beauty of this game is that with you that make the usual missions, and are at your level there are so many other players, and then you can interact with them, to make a sort of covenant and share in the spoils of the missions. It is all very easy. Leveling up the world in which you move is expanded dramatically and open up many new scenarios and many new features that make you truly appreciate that game.

You can join a guild, that would be a congregation of people who help each other to overcome the most difficult stages of the game or to do the raid, that are of the dangeon with real monsters really strong and it is difficult to beat them even if we are several. But these give you armor or weapons that are truly valuable.

You can also get a profession to be able to make a bit of coin by selling what salvage and comprandoti so what you need. There is even an auction in the game where to find everything.

However, to want to talk about this game it would take really a lot, many and various are the things that you can do inside.

However, you make friends and maybe we play along and for a long time and it is beautiful in the evening when you have to play put on the headset and talk with them.

Strategy games

Strategy games there are many and some really valid. But I want to tell you about my personal experience with a game stragegia.

You have to choose a race, there are 3 and at that point you have to do the tutorial that explains you a bit how the game works. But, immediately afterwards, it is nice to throw in a few games, usually one-on-one. At the beginning you always lose, unless you're a neophyte like you, then you learn the strategies and start winning a few games.

The matches usually last about twenty minutes to half an hour, and the secret is speed. The speed that you use to build various buildings that will allow you to have the most powerful units. Speed in gathering resources without which you can not do anything. Speed to make defenses that will allow you at least to overcome the first attack.

It is a game of speed. Very funny are the games with more players, normally the most popular are the three to three. How many nights I've spent with this game. But I had so much fun, really. When you find comrades with whom you feel comfortable and that are at your same level of play, it often happens that you win almost all the matches and it's then that you're recognized as a formidable opponent.

Also in this game there are some congregations who call themselves the clan, and there are prestigious in which all aspire to enter, where to enter is very difficult, because they take only players really strong. These clans often arrange wars with other clans, and you have the opportunity to see live the games of your teammates.

War games or shooters

I do not have much experience in this type of game, but as far as I know has quite a following of players.

What I felt I was a team game. You're a soldier, equipped with rifle, hand grenades and other types of weapons which, together with other players you're in a scenario that is not usually very great, a few streets, several buildings where you can enter, and you have to try to kill the most number of enemies without being killed. It is not very easy and in the beginning need to put in a sheltered spot, waiting for some enemy to walk by them, but then it becomes boring and then parts hunting.

Also in this game there are clans, and normally when you enter one of these players of a game are your fellow clan members with whom you would normally be against talking to the microphone and the headphones, then it is more easy to coordinate attacks. There is usually a team leader who guides the group and gives information about what we need to do. There I played a long time, because I is a result monotonous type of game. That is almost always the same map, almost the same things to do. In other words, it became boring.

I know of other games that have more possibility of variety of this but I do not know very well the topic, so I am limited to talking about what I played myself.


This is only an overview of partial and very limited games that there are on the internet, there are truly numerous and of all categories.

I remember, however, a very funny moment of my experience on the internet many years ago. Then on the forums there were also tricks that could be of many types, but many were just of skill: Toys are very simple, but you engaged in the sense that there was a ranking and you had to make a certain score to get in.

They were funny, too bad not if they find more. Or at least I, even if I sought not I have found.

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