Tim Ten and Go 10 GB, it’s cheaper with some little trick…

This article is just a translation of another already on the blog and written in Italian. Probably if you are reading this article in English is not of interest to you but I thought that translating it could help all the foreigners in italy who still can not understand Italian well.

Today I went to my team to switch operator by going to tim bid then go 10 gb. The guy who dealt with my practice explained that in addition to this offer, my team automatically activates additional services and explained how to disable them by avoiding paying for those services that do not interest me. So in this blog I also explain how to turn off any services if they do not interest you. Some of these however can be quite affordable, so you choose what to remove. And it’s up to you to check, as you read, that things are still so.

Keep in mind that the active options are services, so the operator would take some money but in exchange for services that are designed to be convenient if you use them and they interest you. I tested the procedure and at the moment there are no problems, everything went as it should go. The deactivation system was clear and without hidden hammocks.

I will update this article in case of any news. If you want to give me a hand to keep it updated you could, in case of variations, write me a comment on the page below. It is not mandatory to leave your data or to be registered to do so.


If you finish the giga available before the 28th day, you should be able to continue navigating at the cost of 1.90 € per 200 mega (I did not understand if they are mega bytes or mega bit). This is a mechanism that you should activate automatically. The shop boy told me that by disabling this option, the internet connection should come off without any additional charges being charged. However, I am doubtful and I would advise you to call customer support to better understand why I would not disable this service then the cost per megabyte will increase instead. However, to disable it you must call 409163. There should be no charge for disabling this service.


According to what this guy said to me, he activates automatically and should cost something like 0.49 € per week. The first month should be free. If I understand that, this option should allow me to call my unlimited number, see all live goals on the TIM SERIES app and should give the chance to go to certain movies in two, paying only one ticket. To disable this offer, you need to call 409162 from the phone and follow the guide. He told me in practice that the keys should be 3-2-1. Deactivating this offer should cost 3 €. (LOL). However, I left it because I like to go to the movies so I should keep it.


When you do not answer the phone or you hear it ringing, the phone answering machine should start. To disable this service, you should be able to write the following code on the numeric keypad: ## 61 # followed by the green handset (as if you were calling). There should be no additional costs for disabling the service.


When you are talking on the phone, you should start answering the telephone answering machine. To disable this service, you should be able to write the following code on the numeric keypad: ## 67 # followed by the green handset (as if you had to call it). There should be no additional costs for disabling the service.


When your cell phone is not reachable for some reason, the answering machine should start out. To disable this service, you should be able to write the following code on the numeric keypad: ## 62 # followed by the green handset (as if you had to call). There should be no additional costs for disabling the service.


Navigating over the internet from your cellphone can happen that you accidentally click on a banner. Some of these banners activate paid services on the sim.

TIM, very wisely, provides a service that protects against any accidental registration of certain paid services.

The black list should NOT be activated automatically and should be free of charge. To activate it just send an SMS to 119 with the text: I want to activate the black list

After a while, you’ll receive a sms from the 119 who asks you if you confirm the blocking of paid services not provided by your team. You of course have to answer YES.

Another way to turn off services is to go to the portal of tim https://www.119selfservice.tim.it to register and disable services that are not of interest to us.

Or, alternatively, it should be possible to handle everything from my dedicated app. You can download it to your phone if available, depending on your model and operating system.

However, with this guide, even if you do not own the smartphone, you should be able to successfully disable all services if they do not care.

I realize that I used a lot of conditional but I think it is always better to put a pretty question mark where you are not 100% sure. I do not think it is right to give the impression to those who read that there is certainty where it is not. In addition, telephone bids and contractual parameters are changing continuously and very quickly and it is difficult to keep up.

For these and other reasons, I encourage you to check customer support first. I still hope to have done what you like by writing this article because, during the passage, it may happen that somebody is “forgetting” to inform you that there are these additional services already active and you may find some sim expenses you did not require.

If I have written some bits, do not hesitate to write it under the comments and I will look at correcting this article.