What is the Black Friday

Every fourth Thursday of November is celebrated in the United States and Canada on the day of thanksgiving. The Friday after this holiday is called black friday. It is a commercial event invented by the shopkeepers in the seventies to promote sales for the christmas season.

To tell the truth, similar efforts date back to the twenties, there were, in fact, of similar initiatives promoted by one of the largest distribution chains in New York city. During this day, in practice, almost all retailers apply a discount policy that attracts consumers. It is not very clear the origin of the name. Some think that the name recalls the black ink that was used to record the revenue or activity. The ink used for the outputs or liability was in the red. Others think that it is because of the congestion and the traffic congestion caused by the increase of consumers in this particular day.

However, because of the success that this initiative has been, many retailers anticipate and postpone the discounts of a week.This initiative is so effective in the united states by being a point of reference. It indicates the predisposition to the expense of the consumer. The statistics of this day are regularly analysed by the various experts in the field of marketing and also by the professionals in the stock exchange.To give you an idea of what black friday you can imagine the file that you create to the inputs of the various apple store when it comes out of the new model of the iphone. Many americans in fact prefer to get up very early to limit the code to win the item you want at the cheaper price before the stocks come to an end.

This day, normally is prepared with great care by dealers, distributors and manufacturers to ensure that the stocks do not end too quickly. Summing up, we can then describe the black friday as a day of national (and sometimes international) balances on a large scale.Like many other traditions, like Halloween, this day is becoming increasingly popular also in Europe, helped certainly by the various macro online stores such as Amazon Store or eBay Store, for example.There is also another day that is very similar and falls every Monday following thanksgiving, this event is called Cyber Monday.

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