A strange holiday, a bit to forget, but that was nice after all.

The most absurd holiday of my life began so many years ago, just the night there was the total lunar eclipse in August 1989
That year we were on holiday with a family of friends and since everyone liked Liguria we decided to book two bungalows in a campsite
We rely on the phone to book, since we didn’t know the area well. We then booked the two bungalows for 2 weeks starting from day 17, which was precisely the evening of the lunar eclipse even though at the time we did not know.
We arrived on time in the afternoon, the other family had problems and warned us that it would arrive the next day.
Arrived at the campsite, the first unpleasant surprise. In the advertisement on the yellow pages it said that there was the pool.
There was in fact a kind of tub with very little water not very clean and ducks to splash.
We would have gone to the sea, which was very close.
Talking to the manager of the property, who was a rather strange guy, he spoke constantly, gave great pats on the back and always laughed, we were informed that for that evening our bungalow was not available.
He tells us, however, that for that night he would let us sleep in a house of his own that was not inside the campsite.
She tells us she would be ready only after dinner and so we dine at the campsite restaurant.
He was in no hurry to take us to the house, in fact he found excuses every time we asked him to go.
Good or bad around 10 o’clock in the evening you decide, also because I had a small child who was sleepy.
We leave him in front with his car and us behind with ours.
We travel about ten minutes in the road in the woods, until we stop at a gate.
There were no lights anywhere. He opens the gate and makes a sign to follow him. We enter a garden with a paved driveway. But the grass in the garden was tall and uncultivated even if in the dark only with the headlights we saw little.
However, he opens the door to us and starts to blur tout because they had not cleaned, unlike his orders.
We look around and it actually looks like the house hasn’t been cleaned in months.
We climb the stairs to go to the bedroom. On the bed there was only the mattress and sheets piled in the middle and on the sheets a cat had given birth to kittens.
We were literally in shock, this individual puts cat and kittens inside the sheets takes the whole thing and goes on the fly.
At that point we didn’t know what to do but we didn’t want to stay there. We closed everything, took the car and went into the village to see if we could find a hotel.
We walked around for 2 hours but didn’t find anything. We then went back to the cottage, put the car inside the garden and decided to sleep in the car, since even in the bathroom we found a surprise.
Apart from the tindician, there was a giant scorpion in the tank.
So we made the least of it and also enjoyed the total lunar eclipse that made the atmosphere even more spectral.
We returned the next morning to the campsite and luckily we found our bungalow where after a nice clean we had a very good time.
In the evening we were also joined by the friends to whom we told the story, but that sight in daylight also made us laugh a lot.
The camp manager, that strange individual, continued to behave like a strange individual, always patting on the back and laughing all the time, but it’s strange that he also became likable.
He told very funny stories by entertaining us and the other guests at the camp bar. And from that moment on he really went out of his way to make us forget that first wretched evening.

In conclusion it was 15 days of vacation that started really badly ended well. But I will never forget that night in the garden of an isolated house in the middle of a forest where you could not see a single light the distance and the moon, very large and bright that disappeared slowly. All we had to do was the howling of a wolf, and then we could believe in vampires.

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