Aegean Cat

The Aegean cat is a naturally developed feline breed and is the only cat breed that has its origins in Greece, specifically from the Cyclades Islands. It has always been present on the Aegean islands where it was used to catch mice, and is still present throughout Greece as a wild breed. In Greece it is treated as a national treasure and the stray and wild cats of this species are treated as true jewels. Very often we can see many cats of this species sitting in harbours waiting for the return of fishermen who never let them miss their share of the catch. They are not afraid of water, so they can fish independently in shallow waters. It is not well known in the rest of the world, where it has not been recognised as a breed by the most prestigious international feline associations, whereas in Greece it is widespread and is the household cat of many families.

They love water and especially fish, on which they feed very happily, so you must, if you have an aquarium in your home, make sure that they are not able to harm your aquatic animals.

Character of the Aegean cat

It is a social pet that tolerates life in a flat rather well, but it does need some freedom and to go outdoors. It is very independent and tends to stick particularly to one person in the family, but it likes to play and is therefore suitable for families with children and has no problems with other cats or dogs.
Even though it is very affectionate and sociable, this cat has its own distinct personality. It does not like to curl up on its owner’s lap, but it knows how to show its affection in a different way. Perhaps accompanying him as he moves around the house, and it is often by meowing that he seeks the attention of his favourite human.
It is a very active cat, so it needs stimulation such as games and outdoor activities, especially if they allow it to run and chase small prey. Although it is an independent cat, prolonged periods of loneliness may be too much for it.
On the one hand, the Aegean cat lives happily with humans, but on the other hand it maintains its independence and its feline instincts.

Appearance of the Aegean cat

This is a medium-sized cat with a slender but muscular build.Β  Its chest is broad and its belly is raised.Β  Its legs are long and muscular, in proportion to its body. As far as weight is concerned, males can weigh up to 4,500 kilograms, females one kilogram less.

The head is not very large but wide in relation to the body. The ears are well spaced, fairly wide at the base with rounded tips, the almond shaped eyes, with the outer tips slightly tilted upwards, are very expressive and can have various shades of a striking green colour.

Finally, the coat is characterised by a two- or three-colour pattern, with white normally occupying two thirds of the total surface. The colours can be black, blue, grey, cream or red. The soft, silky coat is generally medium to long and adheres to the body, with no undercoat.

Care and health of the Aegean cat

The Aegean cat tends to be healthy, with a life expectancy of 10 to 12 years, and no specific health problems or hereditary disorders are associated with the breed.Β  They are animals with a strong appetite, but as they tend to be very active they do not tend to become obese.

As far as their hair is concerned, they shed very little and all that needs to be done is a brush once a week. Everything that is normal for other breeds applies to the Aegean, i.e. cleaning the ears, trimming the nails and every now and then a bath, which, by the way, they will not beg to do.

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