Cloud gaming nvidia geforce now and google stadia if and when to use them

There comes a time in every gamer’s life, especially these days, when your computer comes of age and you realise that if you want to continue playing, it will probably need to be changed or upgraded. The fact that I am not wealthy has led me to reflect on what options are available to me to spend as little as possible. I looked at the various options because I currently find myself in the unfortunate situation of having a very slow connection with a far from modern computer. A situation that is far from optimal but that has given me the opportunity to evaluate well all the alternatives in an attempt to spend as little as possible.

Buying a gaming computer is not a small expense, to have a good gaming experience, the machine must have certain characteristics, a good generation video card, a powerful processor, ram and motherboard with fast connections and without a shadow of a doubt a couple of large and fast hard drives. I have calculated that if I wanted to buy an assembled gaming computer that allows me to play the latest games with acceptable performance and that does not need to be replaced quickly, I would not spend less than 1500 euros. For me this is no small expense and I believe that the majority of people in the world are in the same situation.

I think it is precisely for this reason, coupled with the tendency of software to be increasingly sophisticated and heavy, that I have felt the need to consider even further the possibility of buying a new computer for gaming. At the moment, the only alternative I have been able to consider is so-called cloud gaming. In jargon, the word means a system that allows remote gaming. The user connects to a server that is specially equipped and configured to run the game at its best graphics and the user receives and sends a stream of data as if interacting with a kind of streaming video. There are many cloud gaming services available but the most common are nvidia geforce now and google stadia. In exchange for a subscription, the gamer can connect to these platforms and play ‘the games that are available’. The problem is that in order to play in this way, you need a stable connection of at least 25 megabits per second, and although it may seem strange to some, not everyone can enjoy such a connection. Furthermore, there is a certain latency in games that require quick reflexes and response, such as fps.

So let’s try to understand the differences that come to mind so that you have a general and indicative picture of the situation, which can change over time, that can help you choose the best solution.

Physical Computer

  • Economics: Buying a physical computer means that you decide to invest a large sum of money to be completely autonomous and not subject to subscriptions.
    Playability: A physical computer offers a responsiveness to and from the various input and output devices that the other two solutions cannot offer at the moment. In addition, this choice provides the ability to play all PC games, regardless of the presence or absence of compatibility agreements that currently plague cloud gaming services.
  • Connectivity: There are still a good number of single player games that offer the possibility to be played offline. The physical computer allows games to be played with very little bandwidth or in some cases even without connectivity.
  • Obsolescence: Sooner or later anyone who chooses this solution, if they decide to perpetuate this decision, will surely have to buy new physical components because in the meantime previously purchased components have become senescent or obsolete.
  • Reliability: Any component can undoubtedly break down over time. The physical computer is by no means immune to this problem.

Nvidia geforce now

  • Economy: The subscription prices of this remote gaming solution seem to be designed to adjust over time to a presumed depreciation cost related to the purchase of a good gaming PC. However, it must be considered that a computer of modest capacity is required to connect to the gaming service. Therefore, in order to get a more complete idea, the cost of the computer used should also be included in the calculation. Another thing to consider is the cost of the internet connection. One advantage is that you can stop your subscription at any time, which can be a good thing in case the service has problems or you no longer feel the need to play. Games already purchased for the PC, if compatible, can be started and played.
  • Playability: This service offers a good number of compatible games that can be played. At the moment, however, many famous game brands have decided to leave this platform for unspecified reasons that have given rise to various speculations. Basically, to summarise, it can be said that although this specific platform currently has a good number of game titles, it does not contain all of them and this is something to consider very carefully. In order to play the game, you need to download a client and through this you can connect to a server that will have certain games inside. Unlike the beta version, if there are non-compatible games on steam, they will not be started.
  • Connectivity: Broadband, which is a necessary condition like all cloud gaming systems, needs a speed and stability that is not available everywhere. In any case, even if it is available, latency and delay in peripheral response occur.
  • Obsolescence: Cloud gaming services should always have very powerful and up-to-date machines. It is not possible to say, due to lack of experience given the young age of these services, if the processing capabilities will be able to keep up with future games.
  • Reliability: Possible server-side failures should not be noticeable to users as the system should be set up to provide service continuously. In addition, there could be the unlikely event that at any time our account is blocked or even that the company stops offering the cloud gaming service. Never underestimate the fact that, as specified before, a computer is needed to connect, which can also be subject to breakage.

Google stadia

  • Economy: From an economic point of view, more or less, the same argument already made for nvidia geforce now applies, which we won’t repeat. The only significant difference in my opinion is the fact that the paid games on google stadia, even if you have already purchased previously, you have to buy back and then to play a particular title, if you already have it on your PC, you have to do a double expenditure.The licenses, for what I understand are valid only on google stadia and then in case you decide to abandon this platform, basically you would lose the money of the purchase.
  • Playability: Currently, the google stadia service offers without a shadow of a doubt, a smaller number of titles than the nvidia solution but is still increasing the number of games. The gaming system is very different, no client programme is required to play the game, only a browser.
    Connectivity: Although the same applies as with the nvidia geforce now, I have noticed that playing from the browser requires slightly less bandwidth and there is slightly better response to input devices.
    Obsolescence: Same exact thing as with the nvidia geforce now.
    Reliability: Again, exactly the same as the other cloud gaming solution.

My choice is certainly not indicative because I could have and I certainly have different needs from yours. However, I chose to share it anyway because maybe someone might be interested. I have decided that when I have the money (because I don’t have it now) I will most likely buy a computer similar to this one. If you click on the link you can have a look at it and at the time I’m writing this article it’s a nice gaming pc. Also, for every eligible purchase on amazon that you make via the links on my site, as I am a partner, I should be paid a commission. There are several reasons why I took this decision. The first reason is definitely the fact that I don’t have enough internet bandwidth to play the game in an appreciable and enjoyable way. The second reason is that I already have several games that I have purchased and it would be a shame to have to buy them back or be limited in my choice because some of them might be incompatible.

I hope this article has been useful to someone and always feel free to leave a comment, I usually reply within a day.

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