How to create a free Avatar online

An avatar is an image that generally identifies a nickname within a community. Itโ€™s a way to enrich your profile with a beautiful image that identifies you. Some authors of some blogs prefer to put their picture on their profile, but if you want to remain anonymous, you can easily create one from one of the many sites on the network. For example, I use a site called Avatar Maker. Itโ€™s a cute site that allows you to create Avatars without registration. I also made an explanatory video.

Once you have your avatar ready, in the backend menu, choose โ€œProfileโ€ and go to the bottom of the page. Youโ€™ll see a button to the right of the Avatar section with the word Select or select. Then select Upload your avatar normally to the media archive. After that you will need to select this image and click insert or insert.

Our site has no connection with avatar maker but we appreciated the simplicity and usability of this tool. The avatars are really fabulous, the system to generate them is really simple and well done. There are so many combinations of avatars or caricatures.

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