Solution to the steam problem with telecom, vodafone, fastweb, etc.

I decided to write this article to help all those users who, having subscribed to the fiber with the modem provided by the operator, encounter problems with steam and the various associated games. Among the problems we can include for example that of the browser steam that does not show us the list of favorite servers etc … Someone suggests on the internet the classic solution that is that of port mapping but it is not sufficient since the nat is undoubtedly moderate .

Having the telecom fiber, for convenience I will insert in the example the data for the telecom connection which in any case vary from supplier to supplier. You can still request them by calling your connection provider.

In short with “closed” steam:
1. Control panel\Network and Internet\network and sharing center
2. Select “Configure new network connection”.
3. In the window that opens, select “Connect to the Internet” and click on “Next”.
4. In the next window click on “Configure a new connection anyway”.
5. In the next window create a “new connection” and click “Next”.
6. In the next window select “Broadband (PPPoE)”.
7. In the next window in username, type (without quotes) “aliceadsl” and password “aliceadsl”. Select store password, give the connection a name, for example “Nat” and click on “Connect”.

The PC will try the connection and after a short time you will see on the right the icon that will inform you that you are connected to the “Nat” connection.

At this point, open Steam-View-Server and you should correctly view the servers in your favorite list. This procedure also unlocks the nat for all games of course.

Remember to re-connect to the bottom right icon via the right mouse button because the connection is not permanent and sometimes it may disconnect.

I hope I was helpful!

I also insert a video that explains the procedure better.

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